Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Susan Olsen LeBlanc
This week, just five years later, I am shredding old utility bills and other papers we no longer need. Clearing out more room in my office. Making great progress on the Tidd book. The library got in a book from Reed College on inter-library loan, Mobility and Migration by Roger Thompson, that is very helpful. Someday I would like to own a copy and they certainly are not cheap online, new or used. The Genealogical Forum of Oregon has wonderful volunteers who are checking on some books for me. This week I am doing fewer online classes and webinars so I can get more work done. Health issues still slow me down, but I am feeling much better. Also got our flu shots. So far no bad after effects. Check online for timelines of when papers and documents can be gotten rid of. A personal shredder is a necessity for any office!

5 Years Ago
Susan Olsen LeBlanc
Our house has finally closed and I closed all utility accounts, garbage and the insurance accounts (7 different accounts). What a great relief. This has been another very long process. We are very grateful for our realtor Molly LeBlanc-Gilbert for seeing us through this. She also saw us through buying our current home. These are great blessings in our lives and we are so very appreciative for all of the moral support of family and friends.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

2020 Dynamic Changes

I have pivoted in very positive ways. I am much more focused on my personal research. My attendance at ten local special interest groups allows me to spend more time with genealogy friends. Anything free is my first option for webinars. I am learning to reach out to find facilities that have someone who can do onsite research. My membership in local societies has greatly paid off. Sometimes I have to rethink how I can resolve questions when other facilities are closed. Who knew 2020 would bring such dynamic changes. Even my medical concerns are mostly handled by phone or online and I then I have more time for genealogy!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Online Presentation - German Research for Neppl Family

 Yesterday I gave my first online presentation and it went well. It was on German Research and the attendance was great. For me it feels very awkward speaking into thin air, but I just kept going. Afterwards we had time for questions and comments and that was great. The main focus was on getting to know our ancestors and the culture they came from, their settlement in the United States.

This is a presentation that focuses on researching my Neppl ancestral line. I have been very blessed to receive many documents and records for this research. My favorite uncle Jim just turned 89. He is my mother's older brother. I am amazed at how young he is. Uncle Jim did DNA testing and provides a link to that heritage.
We might not come from the rich or famous, but we come from hard working, patriotic, family oriented, farmers who were grateful to be able to come to America. The Neppl family truly has a heritage to be proud of.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

When did you start using a personal computer?

In response to Thomas McEntee post. Not sure what kind of computers we had, but my husband went to school in the field of computers, software and program development. He worked for the same company until retirement and they had to train someone to replace him. Now he is my tech support. Our first computer was in our very cramped bedroom and we had a houseful of children, in the 1980s. I only cared that it worked, would run my PAF database and let me do emails. The only computer class I took, with my mother, was on using Microsoft works programs at a high school. It certainly has paid off big time! Now I still have a tower, but I also have a wireless large monitor, mouse, keyboard, laptop and printer. I spend many hours in my crowded office with only things genealogy surrounding me and the children are grown and living elsewhere.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Things I Love

THINGS I LOVE....♥️💕♥️
Heavenly Father
My family
My grandchildren
Memories of loved ones
Going places with family
A friend who listens
Knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Genealogy and family history
Children laughing
Fairies that bring nice things
Quiet peaceful moments
Sun coming through the trees at sunset
Soft breeze
Smell of the ocean
Looking up at the night sky
Mountains, especially in the fall
Birds, especially hummingbirds
Flowering plant
Trees, especially flowering ones
All the seasons
Smell of early morning, especially after rain
Fluffy white clouds and blue sky
Chocolate especially See's Candies
Ice Cream especially chocolate
French Dip Sandwiches
Chinese Food
Smell of bread baking
and so much more.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Homeschooling Our Children

I taught my older children for three years. Then my father had health issues and I needed to help with him. After they went to school I continued to volunteer in their classrooms. For my oldest daughter, who was bullied by some girls in school, I had her at home for her eighth grade year, the year my last child was born. After all six were in school I was asked to run for the school board. I did and served for eight years. In the meantime I served as Stake Primary President for four years and then taught Seminary for five years. In between I did child care for a few years. Time with my children was so precious to me. Now they are supporting and teaching us while we shift into retirement. They are all very close with each other. They are kind and thoughtful of others. Our health issues are concerning and I can feel a shift in our relationships which are very positive. They also supported and encouraged me through going back to college and getting a BA in family history. I wanted for them to know how important an education is for everyone. So far all have done some college work and they are gainfully employed. They each choose their own path and they are all very independent. So we all know what our limitations are. Life goes on and we must each choose our own path. Whatever you choose to do, do it well!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Feedback to

If you use and are aware of current changes being made with the DNA matches you may be interested to provide feedback on those changes. The changes are related to filters one can use to make the review of matches easier. They are currently planning to cut the low range matches of 6 to 8 cMs. By creating groups one can preserve those matches and if done by surnames it is faster. And a new filter allow for searching just the 6 to 8 matches. In just the last few hours I found a match for one person and additional information on other lines. This transformation in filtering the matches being sought is crucial. You can submit a comment at under the DNA link.
They say that they want to hear from us. Please send them some feedback.