Thursday, December 7, 2017

24 Days of Gratitude 2017

November 2017 Days of Gratitude
November 1 at 7:13am ·
Welcome November. What a great way to begin sharing my gratitude in posts for this month. Yesterday we had a great time with three of our children and our granddaughters. They had a great time walking our neighborhoods in Scappoose. David made gingerbread cookies and they decorated them. For dinner we had toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Over 100 trick or treaters, small, large and in between. One dinosaur in the street must have been over six feet tall. During all this I was notified that I won a large collection of genealogy products from Genealogical Bargains through Thomas MacEntee. Needless to say I am grateful for all I am blessed with.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Blog Update

This morning I randomly looked at my blog and was shocked to find the following update. There were 50,000 in February 2015. In January 2017 there were 100,000. Will it make 150,000 by this January?
Pageviews all time history
United States 88587
Russia 10302
Germany 7068
Netherlands 5110
France 4498
Ukraine 3414
Canada 1156
United Kingdom 728
Poland 604
Turkey 596

Thank you to those who take the time to read my posts. It truly is a miracle that I am writing. The past couple of years have involved so many volunteer hours at the Watts House and in Columbia County, Oregon. I am speaking less and working more for clients. On Wednesdays I volunteer four hours at the local Family History Center. This week I am returning to Gladstone Family History Center to do two classes on research at in Spanish. We will see how I do with my rusty Spanish. It will be great to visit with so many genealogy friends. Please come if you are able, free and a free lunch. From 9-3. Information and syllabus available at

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Watts House Collection - 31 Research Notebooks Available

 Watts House Collection - 31 Research Notebooks available at the Watts House

Watts Family
Watts, Nessly, Jacoby Family History
Blue notebook -
       Scappoose, Oregon Historical Sketches by J. G. Watts
       Watts/Price Store Ledger Book
       Cash Book, Ledger for Water Accounts July 1941-June 1942
       Journal Ledger for Water Accounts July 1942-June 1944
       SE Ledger for Water Accounts June 1945-February 1946
       Journal Record Taxes 1948-1949
Watts Family Encyclopedia by Van Watts
The Watts House copied from Columbia County Historical Society
Watts/Becker Scrapbook copied portions from Columbia County Historical Society
Watts (From Benjamin F. Watts) Overland Journal copied from Columbia County Historical Society
Francis H. Watts and his Family copied from Columbia County Historical Society
Dorris Watts and Scappoose History by Caroline Dorris copied from Columbia County Historical Society
Oregon Columbia County Records 1854-1958, Watts Deeds, Marriages, Records Index
Watts Land Records Government Land Office
William and Lena Burg Family History Research
J. P. West Family History Research
Scappoose, Oregon Information Notebook 1
Scappoose, Oregon Information Notebook 2
Columbia County, Oregon Information Notebook
U.S. Federal Census/State of Oregon/Columbia County
Oregon Centennial 1959 Governors, misc.
Oregon Centennial 1959 Recipes, etc.
Oregon Centennial 1959 Native Americans
Oregon Centennial 1959 Oregon Highlights
First Congregational Church of Scappoose, Oregon Books 1890-1984
Watts House Library Books Inventories: Scappoose Public Library, Watts House transferred books, Books at Watts house before transfer
Scappoose, Oregon Garden Club 1956-1972
Small Ledger Book probably from J. G. Watts, Level 1, Book 3, Cash Book
Scappoose, Oregon Important Documents (in tote)
Scappoose, Historical Society Board Information Notebook 1
Scappoose, Historical Society Board Information Notebook 2
Scappoose, Historical Society Board Information Notebook 3
Family Pictures and People in the Community (in tote)
Family Pictures and People in the Community (in tote)

Still to work on:
Four totes - 2 for Scappoose information, 1 for pictures and 1 for Scappoose Historical Society Board

Five flat totes - Pictures sorted and ready for scanning
Some of the notebooks are just printed copies while others contain items relevant to the topic.  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Some Book Serendipity at GFO Seminar

Saturday I attended the seminar in Milwaukie, Oregon at the Milwaukie Center, with CeCe Moore as the speaker, put on by the Genealogical Forum of Oregon. It was a fantastic program on DNA research. The speaker was so motivating in encouraging me in wanting to do more of this type of testing and discovering more about my ancestors. We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed visiting with so many friends. Then I bought way too many books, but I am prepared for reading when I take breaks from working on the DNA results. Thank you to my friend Tricia Oberndorf from St. Helens for driving and helping me cart the books home.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Watts Books at the Watts House with Signatures of Family Members

Watts Books at the Watts House with Signatures of Family Members

Acres if Diamonds by Russell Herman Cornwell, John D. Moore & Co., published 1901, Philadelphia, singed in fire, J. G. Watts.

American Cookery, The Boston Cooking School Magazine, April 1934, Property of Mrs. Watts, Gardening Section.

Baxter’s Practicle Up to Date Receipt Book for Bakers, 1896/1922, signed by author, Mary A. Ewing.

Call Julii Caesaris – Commentarii by George Stuart AM, Eldredge & Brother, Philadelphia, 1863/1867, J. G. Watts March 1884.

English American Literature by Truman J. Backus, New York, 1881, donated by J. G. Watts, inscribed “a present to Rose by a friend.”

Fortieth Anniversary of the Statehood of Oregon by State of Oregon, W. F. Leek State Printer, Salem, Oregon, to J. G. Watts County Clerk 1898-1900 with picture.

Good Morals and Gentle Manneers by Alex M. Gaw AM, American Book Co., New York, 1873, Mrs. J. G. Watts.

History of the Great War Vol. 1-8, New York, 1916, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Collier, June 24, 1941.

McGuffey’s High School Reader by Van Atnwarp, Bragg & Co., New York, 1889 to Mr. J. G. Watts when County Superintendent of Schools, 1891

New Normal Mental Arithmetic by Edward Brooks, Sower Potts & Co., Philadelphia, 1873, James G. Watts December 9, 1880.

Old Fashioned Roses by James Whitcomb Riley, Bobs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, 1912, Mary A. Ewing 1940.

Oregon Native Son Historical Magazine, Native Son Publishing Co., October 1900, singed in fire, J. G. Watts.

The Harvard Classics, New York, 1909-1914, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Collier June 24, 1941.

The Library of Universal Literature by Frank Crosby, New York, 1900, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Collier, June 24, 1941.

The Life and Works of Washington Irving Vols. 1-2, by Pollard & Moss, New York, 1893, donated 1955 by H. E. Burns father of Archie Burns, who was a grandson of Wm. Watts, Scappoose, Oregon.

The Orthoepist by Alfred Ayres, D. Appleton & Co. New York, 1880/1888, J. G. Watts.

The Shakesperein Reader by John W. S. Hows, New York, 1881, signature and notes by J. G. Watts, PHS 1887.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Scappoose, Oregon Historical Sketches

Scappoose, Oregon Historical Sketches
Good History 25 names, BK No 1, Pioneers
Historical Sketches 1824 – 1940, J. G. Watts, 1940, Front page
Susannah Rice 437 NE Multnomah St. Portland
List Names for 1830, 1840, 1850

Watts Books at the Scappoose Library with Signatures

Watts Books at the Scappoose Library with Signatures

Gefchichten and Marchen, by Lillian Foster, 1899: John Russell Collier

Germelshaufen by Griffin M. Lovelace: Helen Watts Clothier

Marchen und Erzahlungen by H. A. Guerber: 1914-15 Helen L. Watts, S.H.S.

Marchen und Erzablungen by H. A. Guerber, vol. 2, Helen L. Watts, S.H.S. ‘17

Sober als bie Rirdje by Mills Whittlesey, A.M., Helen Watts

Frau Sorge by Gustav Gruener, 1911, Presented by J. G. Watts, Feb. 17, 1930

The Footprints of Time And a Complete Analysis of the American System of Government, by 
Charles Bancroft, 1880, Jas. G. Watts, 1881, 17 yrs. old, Scappoose, Ore., Bought May 2, 1881, $5.00

Business Law for Business Men, State of Oregon, by A. J. Bledsoe, 1915, Watts and Price 1915
With receipt, received payment A. J. Bledsoe Mgr., Watts & Price, Scappoose, Or., Aug. 24, 1915

Nasby In Excile or six months of travel, by David R. Locke, 1882, Presented to Scappoose Public 
Library by Miss Vera Price May 1940, Mrs. D. W. Price

Story of One Hundred Years, by Daniel B. Shepp, Presented to Scappoose Public Library by Miss 
Vera Price May 1940, Mrs. D. W. Price

History of The Oregon Country, by Harvey W. Scott, 1924, Presented by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Collier (Miss Maude Watts) Feb. 15, 1930, sticker in book Presented by Henry E. Collier, Maude E. Collier, In Memory of John R. Watts and Elizabeth M. Watts, Pioneers 1852

Joab Powell, Homespun Missionary, by M. Leona Nichols, 1935, from the library of A. E. Burns, a grandson of William Watts, Scappoose Pioneer of 1852

A History of Oregon, by Robert Carlton Clark, Ph. D., 1926, from the library of A. E. Burns, a grandson of William Watts, (a pioneer of Scappoose (1852) ), Ira W. Burns 1955

Life on the Plains of the Pacific, Oregon: History, Condition and Prospects, by Rev. Gustavus Hines, 1881, Given by Ida Watts Burns in memory of her father William Watts (1803-1873) on whose donation homestead the town of Scappoose is located, A. E. Burns

History of the Columbia River Valley, by Fred Lockley, 1928, Presented to the Scappoose Public Library by Mrs. Henry Duncan of Warren, Oregon in memory of her brother Wm. Fullerton born in the Scappoose vicinity in 18??

No Man Like Joe, The Life and Times of Joseph L. Meek, by Harvey Elmer Tobie, Our Pioneer Association, May 1875, sticker in book Presented by Friends In Memory of J. G. and Rose E. Watts

Life and Letters of Mrs. Jason Lee, by Theresa Gay, 1936, Presented by friends of J. G. and Rose E. Watts.

Sacajawea of the Shoshones, by Dela Gould Emmons, 1949, Presented by friends of J. G. and Rose E. Watts.

The Empire Builders, by Robert Ormond Case, 1949, Presented by the Scappoose Parent Teacher Association founders day February 18, 1959, in memory of Mrs. Rose Watts, sticker in book Presented by Friends In Memory of J. G. and Rose E. Watts

The Rand-McNally Guide to the Great Northwest, by S. H. Soule, 1903, From the library of Archie Burns who was a grandson of William Watts the 1852 Pioneer of Scappoose, Presented Ida W. Burns, 1955

The Use of the National Forests, by Gifford Pinchot, Forester, 1907, Given to Scappoose Public Library, 1946, Mary Ewing

Sunset’s Flower Arrangement Book, by Nell True Welch, 1942, Presented to Scappoose Library by Mrs. W. D. Burg, 1950, Mrs. Lena Burg

There are some books that we were unable to locate and they are probably set aside somewhere. They include:
Beasee Hero? by Ruth Bender, 1959
The State of Oregon General & Special Laws, Legislative Assembly 1899
The Tender Heart by Archie Bearns, 1944
Days with Chief Joseph: Diary, by Erskine Wood, 1950

Northwest Exploration, by Gordon Speck, 1845