Thursday, November 29, 2018

Susie Watts Almond Notebooks, Watts Family Research
Materials provided by Andrea Watts Harrison, who received them from Susie. 
November 2018

Notebook 1 – 102 pages
Family Story of Robert Deady Watts by Dorothy Elizabeth Watts, 1923; Picture Fernside Farm, 1902-1903, Prunedale, California, 49 pages
In Memory of Father Marion Watts O.F.M., 2 pages
Letter from Bertita to Poly, 1975, picture of Sister Clara, 1 page
Wall Street Journal – Frank M. Watts Jr. of Watts Western Inc., Fullerton, California, picture, 1 page
Letter to Mrs. Lamberson, cousin of Bertita, 3 pages
Letter to Susie and Douglas from Betty, 1976, 5 pages, includes pictures of F. M. and Guadalupe Watts; school Douglas, Arizona, 1911; Guadalupe and her sister a Nun.
Letter from Aunt Annie Maylord of Bingley, Yorks, England, 1941, 1 page
Outline for Ruiz and Watts Legend, 6 pages.
Old Time Stories of the Watts and Stark Families, by Fannie Clifford Brown daughter of Margaret Stark and J. W. Brown, 8 pages
Hills Ferry, sons of Henry Watts, 1 page
Letter from Ida to Susie, 1 page
J. G. Watts interview with Fred Lockley, 29 September 1934, 1 page
Picture of J. G. and Rose Watts and Pearl Becker, 1 page
Picture of Watts House in Scappoose, 1974, 1 page
Watts History in Columbia County History Annuals, 1 page, list of 1961 to 1975
1860 Census Form Lamberson, 1 page
1870 Census Form Lamberson and Watts, 2 pages
1870 Census information request letter, 1 page
History of Watts Family given by Martha Stark Draper, 1938, 1 page
Notes from Family Bible of William and Mary Ann Watts, 3 pages
Notes of family of Victor William Watts, 1 page
Note on Vol. 1-6, 12 Scappoose, 1 page
Watts Stories Continued, 1 page
First Watts House on DLC Scappoose, Oregon, 1 page
Tillamook Scholarship Watts Family, 1 page
Thank you to people who helped in work 1 page
Arizona’ Dark and Bloody Ground, 1 page
Map of Arizona

Notebook 2 – 154 pages
Family Records, marriage license and certificate of Robert D. Watts and Minnie Ibbitson, 2 pages
Pedigree chart and notes of Robert Deady Watts, 12 pages
Visit to Scappoose, J. L. Watts and Mrs. Becker, 1 page
Charts compared, Tessie E. Watts and Victor Lewis Roberts, 14 pages
Cornelius Watts, England, English Research, 19 pages
Watts/Butterworth History, 9 pages
William Watts and Maryann Spencer Watts of Columbia County, Beaverton, Oregon 20 pages
Pike County, Missouri, 8 pages
Orange County, Kentucky Historical Society, 16 pages
Daniel Boone – the Master of the Wilderness by John Bakeless, 1 page
Watts Family Pedigree Record and Family Group Sheets, 9 pages
William Watts, 3 pages
Francis Harrison Taylor Watts, Family Group Sheets, 14 pages
F.M.W. baptismal record, 1923, 1 page
Letter F. H. Watts 1909, 2 pages
Death Certificates for F. H. Watts and Elizabeth, 2 pages
Marriage Certificate of Sarah and Timothy Lamberson, 1 page
Marriage License of Benjamin Douglas Almond Susie Lolita Watts 1932, 1 page
Marriage Certificate of Daniel Hagan and Mary E. Watts, 1 page
Family Group Record of Daniel Hagan and Mary E. Watts, 1 page
Kentucky State Historical Society, Land Records, 5 pages
John Watts sailmaker of Bristol, England, 1 page
John Watts formerly fishmonger of London, 1 page
John Watts by Martha Stark Draper, 6 pages
The Brazen Overlanders of 1845 by Donna M. Wojick

Notebook 3 – 107 pages
Watts Encyclopedia, Van Watts Newsletter, 2 pages
Kansas City, Missouri, 6 pages
Places, 28 pages
Watts Lights the Way, 1 page
What’s Up Watts!, Part 1, 11 pages
What’s Up Watts!, Part 2, 13 pages
Picture of William Watts, 1 page
Picture of Scappoose Log Cabin, 1 page
Watts Castle, 14 pages
The Watts House by Van Watts, 1 page
St. Helens Chronicle, Watts Family History by Roy A. Perry, Away Back When – Before 1910, 1968, 10 pages
The Chronicle – by Pearl Becker, Out of the Past, 1 page
The Oregonian – The Pioneer Trails Association by Phillip H. Parrish, Ezra Meeker, 1943, 2 pages
Columbia Historical Society – Letter from Pearl Becker to Van Watts, 1974, and Pioneers of Columbia County, Oregon, 4 pages, page of J. G. Watts and Rose; page of William J. Fullerton
The Book of the American West by Jay Monaghan, Forrest Collection, Arizona Pioneer’s Historical Society; Feud between Tewksburys and Grahams, picture of Mrs. Thomas H. Graham, 1 page
Van Watts copy of the same information, 6 pages
Mexico’s Own Casey J

Notebook 4 – 57 pages
Historical and Biographical Record of Monterey and San Francisco Counties, California, by J. M. Guinn, A.M., 1910, Watts and Shotwell Family, 10 pages
Map Monterey, California, 1 page
DAR #490157, 1962, John Watt, 1976, not our family Susie Watts Almond, 13 pages
DAR #160397, William Watts (Larager), 1937, 1979, 9 pages
DAR # 513932, John Watts, 1966, 1979, 20 pages
Draper DAR note, 1 page

Notebook 5 – 83 pages
Van Watts
Benjamin M. Watts, Buena Park, California, 22 pages, includes death certificate and funeral card.
Poem a Daughter’s Tears found in Trail Log, 1 page
The Wattes and America’s Great Daniel Boone, The Boone Legend, 2 pages
America’s Bicentennial Gets Rolling – In a Covered Wagon, Ben Watts, Burbank, California, by Van Watts, 1 page
Buena Park News, Ben Watts, 1974, 2 pages, plus 1 page of pictures of Ben Watts and Helen, Ben Watts and cousin Susie Watts Almond.
Church Award for Susie Watts Almond, 1 page
Horse Story, Susie Watts Almond, 1 page
Diary of John W. Watts and Benjamin Watts, 5 pages
California County Map, 1 page
Foghorn Watts, 9 pages
The Oregon Republican, 3 pages
League Trip from Nicaragua, 2 pages
The Californians, Love, War and Border Empire, 1985, 13 pages
Mudo: Slave of Geronimo by Ben Watts, 7 pages, picture 1920

Notebook 6 – 93 pages
Cradled in Thunder by Charles Ludwig, Dr. Isaac Watts, 1976, 4 pages
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol XIII, No. 1, July 1906, Cornelius Watts, Virginia Gleanings in England, page 307, 3 pages
Mormon Church Computer Files Index Watts, 2 pages
C. B. Heinemann, pages 47 and 54, Edward Watts, 2 pages
Marriages of Culpepper County, Virginia, 1781-1915, 2 pages
Virginia Taxpayers 1782-87, Jacoby and Watts lists, 5 pages
Watts Encyclopedia London, England, 1979, 1 page
Pictures of St. Martins Church, London, England, 2 pages
Some Facts from Salinas Library, Kentucky Court and Other Records, Ardery, 1958, London notes, 2 pages
DAR records misc., 4 pages
Marriages of Pike County, Missouri, from Sutro Library, 1 page
Will of Elizabeth Jacoby Watts, Book C, page 438, 2 pages
Will of John Watts, Book B, page 255, 1839, 1 page
Obituary of John W. Watts, 1 January 1937, 2 pages
Will of Francis Watts, 1845, witness W.W.W. Watts, 1 page
Heraldry of the Watts Surname, 21 pages
Watts Families Descended from Early Immigrants Who Settled in the Tidewater Counties of Virginia by Charles Bank Hannaman, 1940, 8 pages
Watts Family First Virginia Settlers, 22 pages
Information about John Watts son of Robert Watts, 1 page
Heirs of Robert Watts of Kentucky, 1 page
Court Records of Kentucky, Watts, Jacoby, Stark, 1 page
Facts from History of Pike County, Missouri, C. B. Heinemann, 1 page
State Map of Virginia, 1 page
State Map of Missouri, 1 page

Notebook 7 – 120
Francis Harrison Tyler Watts Family, 10 pages
An Outline of Events in the Life of F. H. Watts, 1 page
Picture of house on fire, Watts?, 1 page
To Daddy, poem by Bertita Watts, 1 page
Note of Sister Clara to Susie and Douglas, 1978, 1 page
Obituaries of Mrs. Frank M. Watts, Guadalupe Ruiz Watts, Gabriel Eduardo Ruiz, Ramon de La Guerra, Family of Forencia Ruiz and Eufenia Garcia Telles de Ruiz, 1 page
Obituaries of Joseph Thompson O.F.M., Mrs. Anita Thompson, 1 page
Frank H. Watts Story, 2 pages
Padre Jose de la Guerra Thompson, Hasta La Vista, 3 pages
Francis Marion Watts and wife Guadalupe Ruiz family book, with pictures, 12 pages
Journal of Frank Marion Watts travel and more family book, 20 pages
Lamberson Family, 2 pages
Old Time Stories of the Watts and Stark Families, 2 pages
Stark Family History by Martha Stark Draper and more stories, 30 pages
Wheeler Land Co. S. A. letter, 2 pages
More album with pictures, 8n pages
Letter to William Ibbetson from Monterey Abstract Company, 3 pages
Letters to Susie and Doug from Verne and Lupita Olsen and other people, 23 pages
Map of Arizona from book by Earle R. Forrest
County map of Arizona

Monday, October 1, 2018

DNA Discoveries

This has been another amazing day. About 50 years ago I became interested in genealogy or family history. After years of education, training and hard work the rewards are becoming evermore fruitful. Thank you to everyone that has shared in that journey. Tonight as I pulled into the library parking lot to attend a genealogy group meeting in St. Helens, OR, my phone sounded the ping. I took a moment to look at it and saw a message from someone who I helped recently take a DNA test. The results were wonderful. Then a short time ago this person sent a letter about the results to one of her proven family connections. Once I returned home my messages were overtaken by this person and their connection. For privacy reasons I won't share more than that about the situation. My heart is full as the persons reached out to each other in this newly discovered connection. This has happened to me before, but this time it is something extra special. I believe in respecting privacy and handling delicate situations carefully. DNA tests do not lie and the results may not be what we want, but how blessed we are in this day to have the tools to make these discoveries happen. Between cell phones, internet connections, and regular mail options we now can build our families more fully around the world. Thank you so much for those who have shared their DNA discoveries with me.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Family Time - Remembering Fathers

The following are two posts I shared on facebook this week. The point I stressed most in my talk today was writing about our Fathers and sharing their history with our children. Recording our experiences with our parents is important as the next generation does not really know them. makes it easy to post memories and pictures. I utilize my blog for this purpose and will eventually transition the posts to

June 17
We had a very nice Father's Day and there is more celebrating next weekend. Our oldest daughter and partner Charles made us dinner on Saturday. It was fantastic and we had a very nice visit. Then today the two older sons made us a wonderful dinner. We had visits with our other son and daughter's family who live here. Then David had a nice visit with our daughter's family who live in Wyoming. The highlight of the day was speaking in church. We both chose to focus on the most recent conference talk by President Nelson. When we realized this I chose to just use a small part and let David have the rest. The focus of this talk was on personal revelation. I also used the poem, I Am A Child of Royal Birth, sharing some about the author. I also shared a blog post about my father I wrote several years ago. Somehow I managed to speak without too much emotion. My father passed away thirty years ago and my mother five years ago. Going through their things now is very healing for me.

June 8
Had a wonderful day yesterday. For some time I have been wanting to sort through the things of my mother. My niece Stephanie came out for lunch and then we worked for about two hours on the totes in the garage. We made it through all of them. There were a few treasures she took home, three totes and some other things went to Good Will and a few totes went back to the garage. I so appreciate that she was willing to help me. This was the beginning of the process to condense what I have. It has been five years since my mother passed and it was great to review some of her life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Converting Audio Tapes to CDs Part 2

Finished listening to the CDs of my converted audio tapes. Still have to work on making them more clear to hear or at least louder. Of the last four two are of my grandmother and her cousin in the 1970s and the last two are from a family reunion in March 1986 of the Olsen Family. I took pictures of these events so that will help in understanding who is speaking. What I have learned over the years is that video tapes are far superior if you are recording people and taking pictures from a couple of different cameras provides a little insurance of getting good quality. This certainly clears one of my family history goals and after thirty years I now know what is on each of the CDs. Now to move on to the video tapes, pictures still in packets, redoing the picture albums and then the computer files. The more I try to find pictures the more I want them organized and identified.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Converting Audio Tapes to CDs - Happy Mother's Day to Me

I spent some time listening to four of the eight CDs converted from my old audio cassettes. Maybe only a mother can appreciate the recordings of her small children over thirty years ago. Life was so busy for a young mother also active in other things outside of our home. Thank you to Larsen Digital Services for processing these priceless memories. The fragile audio cassettes are safely filed away. Now to share the CDs, but I am not sure who else would really enjoy them. Also thank you to Thomas MacEntee for doing the Halloween Genealogy Contest which included this package. Happy Mother's Day to me early. If you have items like these take the steps to preserve them. Four more CDs to listen to, two from a family reunion and two from interviews of female relatives. Like a grand adventure!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Inventory of materials on back wall and other bookshelf in basement February 16, 2018

Inventory of materials on back and other bookshelf February 16, 2018.

Library Club March 25, 1894, YPSCE Report 1895, lists of members.

Scappoose Directories – 1953 2 copies, 1964 2 copies plus 1968 Supplement.

Scappoose Women’s Club 1964-1965.

Ledger 1968-1974 Junior CE (Christian Education).

The Wawbansee Yearbooks Scappoose High School – 1924 copied, 1930, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1943 2 copies, 1944 2copies, 1946 2 copies, 1947, 1952.

Inventory of the Watts House Collections at the Scappoose Historical Society

I am not sure if I ever sent this out. This is the final inventory of the Watts House basement conducted by Tricia Oberndorf and myself on February 16, 2018. The process took almost four hours and it is amazing what was found on the shelves. Thank you for your support in the major project of inventorying what is within the collection of the Scappoose Historical Society. I certainly had no idea when we started in August of 2016 where this would lead us. The work on the open boxes in the basement took a little over a month. Then we became involved in the library books. The overall largest part of the project was reviewing every single item for information on the Watts family. The database that was created now contains 1159 individuals and 393 marriages.