Saturday, September 19, 2015

Celebrating Life and Family Reunions

Today is my mother's 82nd birthday and she has been gone for over two years. So much has happened in those two years that I am still trying to recover. This year we sold her home, bought a new to us home and are in the process of selling our home from before. Each step of the way there is always the thought that I should call my mother as she would enjoy knowing about the changes. My children say she already knows and is keeping track. This spring my mother-in-law passed away, so we adapt once more to having a loved in a better place. The older one becomes the shorter this life seems to be. While children, grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren seem to extend the joy we know, in the end we will all pass on to the better place.

Today we will attend the Olsen Family Picnic. This has been an event for many years, at least as far back as I can remember. While looking over the descendancy chart, that I take each year, there are now 102 of us living descendants. At the picnic there will be anywhere from 20-30 people. The original seven siblings are all in the better place, as are most of their children. Most of the third, fourth and fifth generations are scattered, but mostly in Oregon.

In packing up our home of 24 years, after 37 years of marriage, my daughter was amazed at how many family heirlooms that we have. She is adamant that in the unpacking we place these items where they can be enjoyed and appreciated by the family. That is the part I love about moving, being able to put things where we will have better access to them, in a more organized manner. There are 14 small U-Haul boxes in my office containing my collection of research that need to be dealt with. Along with personal items from the various family branches this will be what my children will someday inherit. With six children there is a need to format what we leave behind.

There has been some culling of our things in the process of moving, but family heirlooms will remain with us until we are no longer able to keep them. Over the years some have been shared at the family picnics, but once things are settled my hope is to invite people here to share more. There is the steamer trunk the family brought from Norway that is filled with family linens. The china used by our great grandparents. Things from both of my grandmothers, mother, great aunts and others. Yes, I could probably have a museum in our home.

When we moved to Scappoose, Oregon, we became residents of the area where most of the Olsen family history occurred after they settled here in the 1880s. My father grew up in Linnton and my mother in St. Johns, and I spent my younger years living in both places. Every time we drive through these places my thoughts turn to our family and the homes that they lived in for many years. The Genealogical Society of Washington County holds some family gems that need to be explored further. It is interesting that the resources for our family history that are closest are the ones we have yet to pursue.

Attending the family picnic provides the opportunity to share in memories and stories from the varied family branches. We celebrate those who have gone on before us and the legacies they left for us to enjoy. Serendipity is discovering how much we really relate to one another. Life is short, so enjoy the moments of true joy with your families.

Friday, July 10, 2015

ICAPGen Renewal - My Activities

Tonight there is a new page on this blog, ICAPGen Renewal Report 2015. This is not a perfect submission, but it is something that may help others in report writing. Below is the letter submitted covering my genealogy activities over the last five years. It has been an amazing ride and looking back is helpful in seeing where to go in the future. The serenditpity for me is that this is still something that I have a passion for doing. If you have ever considered applying for accreditation or certification, go for it! In the long run you will be a better genealogist and researcher.

Letter of Genealogical Activities 2010-1015                                                       20 May 2015
To the ICAPGen Renewal Review Board,

It is amazing to review the genealogical activities that I have been involved in over the last five years. Listed here is a synopsis of what that work encompasses.

Groups I am associated with:
Association of Professional Genealogists - International and State of Oregon
Genealogical Council of Oregon
Genealogical Forum of Oregon
Daughters of the American Revolution
New England Historic Genealogical Society
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

My volunteer work includes:
Chapter Representative for Oregon APG. 2013-present

Vendor Booths and Donations Coordinator of 2010 and 2012 conferences of the Genealogical Conference of Oregon, under the direction of the Genealogical Council of Oregon.

Published book reviews for Crossroads Magazine of UGA 2010-2011 –
2010 Marsha Hoffman Rising, The Family Tree Problem Solver.
2011 Marcia D. Melnyk, Handbook for New England Research.

Volunteer at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon 2010-present, member since 2002, now life member
Member of the editorial team and writer for the quarterly “Bulletin” publication for the Genealogical Forum of Oregon 2010-2014, working as a team of three, we shared responsibilities as editors.
Published twenty articles in the “Bulletin”, three in my area of specialty:
The Revolutionary War Patriots of the Amos Tidd Family
Researching Massachusetts Records
Adril Gates – War of 1812 Soldier and POW
Published thirty-four Book Reviews in the “Bulletin”.
Proof reader for the “Bulletin” and “The Insider” newsletter of GFO 2010-present

The coordinator of the Ruth C. Bishop Volunteer Hall of Honor Awards with the Federation of Genealogical Societies, 2010; completing five years of volunteer work in this position.

Instructor at local family history fairs 2010-present, have been a presenter since 2002.
Family history consultant for LDS church 2010-present, having served since 1998.

My blog at was first established in 2011. Pages include: Calendar, GFO Bulletin Articles, Lectures, Book Reviews Published, Book Wish List and FAQ. There are also seven major articles. This blog is publicly accessible, and includes work done for clients and my own family history. Over the past four years there have been over 53,500 page views and many inquiries about the families listed. There are 285 posts, covering a variety of topics, including some for work on New England research. Under lectures there is one specific lecture for New England Research –
Researching Your New England Ancestors
Come discover the rich heritage of your ancestors in the wealth of resources found in the early records of the New England states. Learn how to perform a thorough research of the resources from your own home. Build a case for the ancestral lines you seek to establish.

Educational Experiences:
SLIG 2015 Diving Deeper into New England, Coordinator D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS, Cathi Demarais, CG, and Diane Florence Gavel, CG.

SLIG 2014 recipient of the Jimmy B. Parker scholarship, attended the American Records and Research: Focus on Families, Coordinator Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FUGA, FMG, and D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS and Debra Mieszala, CG. 

Genealogical Council of Oregon Bi-annual Conferences
2014 Summer Genealogy Fest, Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D, CG, CGL, FASG, I presented one class
2014 Pre-Conference Workshop with Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D, CG, CGL, FASG
2012 Summer Genealogy Fest, John Philip Colletta, I presented two classes
2010 Summer Genealogy Fest, Elizabeth Shown Mills, I presented one class

Genealogical Forum of Oregon Seminars –
Spring 2015, Laura G. Prescott, Milwaukie, Oregon
Fall 2014, Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL, Milwaukie, Oregon
Spring 2013, Barbara Renick, Milwaukie, Oregon
Fall 2012, Craig Roberts Scott, CG, Milwaukie, Oregon
Spring 2012, J. Mark Lowe, CG, Milwaukie, Oregon
Spring 2011, Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D, CG, CGL, FASG, Milwaukie, Oregon
Fall 2010, Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, Milwaukie, Oregon

2014 Oregon APG Pro-Gen Study Group - Mastering Genealogical Proof, coordinator Judy Fox

2011 BYU Family History Conference, Provo, Utah, I presented two classes

Publications Subscribed To:
2015 APGQ, GFO Bulletin, UGA Crossroads
2014 APGQ, GFO Bulletin, Illinois State Genealogy Society, Quarterly, UGA Crossroads
2013 APGQ, APG Syllabus, GFO Bulletin, Internet Genealogy Magazine, Illinois State Genealogy Society Quarterly
2012 APGQ, GFO Bulletin, Internet Genealogy Magazine,
2011 APGQ, GFO Bulletin
2010 APGQ, GFO Bulletin
There are others, including newsletters, that I read online or at the local genealogical society collection.

Books read as well as many more:
Roger Thompson, books
Divided We Stand, Watertown, Massachusetts 1630-1680
Sex in Middlesex, Popular Mores in a Massachusetts County, 1649-1699
From Deference to Defiance, Charlestown, Massachusetts 1629-1692

Professional Work:

I presented to twenty-five different local and regional genealogical societies from 2010-2015, some more than once. Total presentations given during the last five years is 135, including eight presentations of Researching Your New England Ancestors. I presented two classes at the BYU Family History Conference in 2011. Since 2012 I have taught classes through the Gladstone Community School Program, teaching six classes per term, for nine terms. There are eighteen different classes in the series. There was financial payment for about half of the 135 presentations.

Published article in the APGQ, March 2015, “Milton Rubincam, Preserving a Legacy.”

Websites Utilized in Research:
Other websites are accessed in the local Family History Center via the Portal.

Work with individuals on their personal research 2010-present, with over fifty PAF5 files for those families, about half being volunteer work. The surnames include:
2015 Cox, Hart, LeBlanc, McLaughlin, O'Shea, O'Sullivan, Palfrey, Schulte, Stoughton, Timberlake, Weber, White,
2014 Bowman, Carley, Edwards, Gannon, Neppl, Olsen, Palfrey, Rogers, Schaffer, Stokes, Tidd, White
2013 Bloom, Brown, Bynum, Cooper, Davis, Eggleson, Gannon, Gates, Gorczyca, Haines, Hall, LeBlanc, Neppl, Olsen, Riggs, Roley, Rounds, Schaffer, Talarski, Taylor, Thornock, Tidd, White, Wilson
2012 Alexander, Brown, Darling, Davis, Furia, Gannon, Gates, Gorczyca, Griffen, Hall, Hix, Jower, LeBlanc, Lofton, McSweeney, Moehnke, Morelli, Neppl, Olsen, Reed, Shuey, Senecal, Straw, Talarski, Taylor, Tidd, Uno
2011Cox, Davis, Drake, Furia, Gates, Giles, Hau, Hix, Howell, LeBlanc, Mayer, Neppl, Olsen, Reed, Riggs, Senecal, Shepherd, Shuey, Stevens, Straw, Tidd, Wilson
2010 Drake, Furia, Lamkin, Lazarus, Senecal

Travel for Genealogy Work:
2015 not calculated
2014 821 miles
2013 896 miles
2012 943 miles

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Selling a House is like Having a Baby

Have you ever been involved in selling a house? We are currently selling our house and earlier this year we sold our mother's home. While this is something that has gone for ages, it always leads to surprise repercussions in the process. You may not have given birth, but there is some common ground in getting pregnant and preparing for a birth. Even with the six births of my children it seems like every time we survived the counting down of  months, days and finally the hours. The anticipation is amazing, but at the final few hours I often wanted just to forget about the birthing process. That is how it feels selling houses, you get almost to the point of exasperation and want to just stop the whole process.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ruth Chauncey Bishop

Ruth Chauncey Bishop

 In honor of Ruth Chauncey Bishop - 16 April 1945 to 28 May 2015

Her Biographical Sketch updated 2007:

Ruth C. Bishop is an avid genealogist, as well as a friend to the community. She graduated from Pacific University with a B.A. in sociology, and has advanced degrees in computer programming and accounting. While in school she worked for the yearbook, and from that experience her hobby of photography escalated into wedding photographer and other activities. She was very active until 1974, when serious back surgery and the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis slowed her only slightly. Ruth has a great sense of humor and is fun to be with. Her upbeat attitude is an inspiration to all who know her. She has even ridden on elephants and in hot-air balloons!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrating Family

It has been a month since I last wrote a new post and finally the time has come to share in celebrating family and all that it means to me. But first, I must share that an article of mine has been published in the APGQ (Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly) in the March 2015 issue. It took two years of waiting for just the right moment to send it to Christy Fillerup, who assumed the role of editor of the APGQ sometime last year. She was also in charge of SLIG (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy) as director for several years. After returning home from SLIG in January and waiting to give her some time to get back on track, the article was sent and I waited to hear from her. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Unraveling Another Family Collection

For the past two weeks my focus has been on unraveling another family collection. The researcher was a woman who had a great love for her family history and also an interest in joining lineage societies. In the process of her work they were able to join DAR through a third great grandfather.  Others joined SAR through the direct line second great grandfather, but later it was proven that there had been an error in identifying him. He was born in 1792 in Ireland and the family came to America in 1793. There was also a Civil War soldier from the family, the brother of a second great grandfather.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Genealogy Reading - Collecting Free Material Part II

In April 2014 was the first posting under this title. It reflected the reading of periodicals that were picked up from free reading materials at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon. With the reading of those materials there was a wealth of knowledge about the periodicals themselves and about the contents. Recently my visit there gleaned a few books and a copy of Family Tree Magazine and a copy of New England Ancestors. One book was, "A Guide to County Records in the Illinois Regional Archives" and while it is a bit dated, it will provide a glimpse of the holdings of some great resources. For today though my focus in sharing is on the books received from a dear friend who is disposing of her genealogy books. Her life is moving on into another direction and she very kindly is allowing me to distribute her books to repositories where they will benefit other researchers. Before doing so, this is availing me the opportunity to read some great works by some very well-known genealogy professionals and other writers.