Sunday, February 16, 2020

Nathan Dylan Goodwin Books

The St. Helens, Oregon public library bought three of Nathan Dylan Goodwin's books and I was the first to check them out. They are very well written and challenge any genealogist in the love of discovery of the roots of their own and others ancestors.

Hiding the Past, 2013, 228 pages
The Lost Ancestor, 2014, 249 pages
The Orange Lilies, 2014, 102 pages

I hope over time they will purchase his other eight fiction books and
his four books about Hastings in England. As a Hastings descendant
they should be interesting.

I love and support public libraries.
They provide so much cultural depth to our communities.
I donate to their used book sales and purchase books from them.
They have a list of books I am looking for and notify me if some are donated.
I love learning about our past and the lives of our ancestors.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

ICAPGen Renewal - My Activities 2020

Tonight there is a new page on this blog, ICAPGen Renewal Report 2020. This is not a perfect submission, but it is something that may help others in report writing. Below is the letter submitted covering my genealogy activities over the last five years. It has been an amazing ride and looking back is helpful in seeing where to go in the future. The serenditpity for me is that this is still something that I have a passion for doing. If you have ever considered applying for accreditation or certification, go for it! In the long run you will be a better genealogist and researcher.

Letter of Genealogical Activities 2015-2020                                                   20 May 2020
To the ICAPGen Renewal Review Board,

It is amazing to review the genealogical activities that I have been involved in over the last five years. Due to health issues there were some periods of time in which my activity was limited. Listed here is a synopsis of what that work encompasses.

2020 AG Renewal Accepted

This morning I received notification that my renewal of accreditation as a genealogist with ICAPGen was accepted. This required several different types of reports and items that include:
1. A signed Ethics Agreement
2. Education and Skill Building of a database maintenance project for a family from New England, 1 page review and a 5 page client report.
3. Education and Skill Building of 20 hours of viewing webinars focused on New England research, a 5 page report with notes from each webinar.
4. Letter of Genealogical Activities 2015-2020 some specific for New England, a 5 page report.
5. A client report for research on a family with history in New England. This included a 10 page report with background information, a research objective, research results summary, detailed research results, additional information, conclusion, suggestions for further research, and footnotes. There was also a 5 page research log. That is 31 pages total. The main 10 page client report was peer reviewed and scored.
This was a challenging process and I am so relieved to have passed a second renewal. Every five years after my original acceptance this process is repeated. My most important suggestion that I will share is to start early and submit it three months in advance of the deadline. It is also helpful if one is not working on other client projects as this requires a very organized and thoughtful process of producing the reports.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Anderson Cousins

Finally, called my mother's cousins who live locally. Why it took me five years I am not sure, but I am so glad that I came across the slip of paper with their name on it again. We met for lunch on Friday with her sister and had a lovely visit. They also have a brother living in the area and there are other cousins. I DNA match to one of their brothers and a niece. On my blog there are family stories under the surnames Cole and Neppl that tell more about our ancestors. Two of the lead articles are Cole Family Migration Article and Portland, Oregon WWII Article. Now I need to write more about the Anderson family. Making connections is wonderful.