May I contact you for further information on blog stories?
For clarification of blog content posted about client work, it should be noted that all client's work posted is after they willingly sign a waiver allowing for the use of their research work to be used in my lectures and writings. They are notified of the posting. In posting information every effort is made to protect the identifying information of living people. If you feel that there may be a family connection for you, please notify me and I will notify the client and allow them to ensue further contact.

Do you do research for others? Yes, after an initial assessment, will work on agreed upon projects.

Fees: Negotiable

Do you give lectures? Yes, please contact to make arrangements.

Fees: Negotiable

How do we contact you? email dsleblanc@aol.com , phone 503-659-4221

What lectures do you have prepared? They are listed under Lectures on blog home page. Will consider other lecture topics. Please contact with any questons.

Will you travel? Yes, please contact to discuss.

Do you require reimbursement of transportation costs? Negotiable

Do you require reimbursement of food costs? No

Do you accept home housing? Please contact to discuss.

Can you provide syllabus material? Yes, in word document for the purpose of posting or printing.

What AV equipment do you require? Projector and screen.

What Audio Aids do  you require? Microphone if in a large facility.

Do you allow recording of your lectures? No

Do you have items for sale at the lecture? Not at this time.