Saturday, May 23, 2020

Things Are Opening Up but Many of Us Will be Happy to Stay at Home

Today was different than most since my last doctor visit in Clackamas, Oregon on March 12. That visit was for a checkup with the OBGYN Cancer doctor and went well. Today was a checkup for my ears as the left ear was plugged in the tube. For the past two months there was no hope of getting in to see a specialist for anything unless one went to the Emergency Room. Even when I fell on March 30th all I could do was talk with a doctor by phone. Each time I tried to make an appointment I was put off until the clinics would open. They are not necessarily open now, but they finally gave me an appointment. My ear being plugged was part of the reason that I fell. Today she was able to open up the tube and I can hear much better. I am very grateful to the medical staff who made this happen for me. When I went into the medical facility I was greeted at the entrance by a group of ten staff, including an armed guard, waiting to process anyone coming to the door . This is serious business. The main thing learned today is to speak up if you need to be seen. If and when they do open up for appointments treat the staff well as they are overly stressed just trying to work and maintain their own lives. After the visit we stopped at my friends to drop off some books. It was a social distancing quick visit. Then when we got back to Scappoose we went to Dairy Queen for some lunch. The line was long, but went pretty fast. Now we are back home and I will be doing a couple more weeks of staying home. As we drove on the freeways the electronic boards showed "Local Travel Only, Stay Safe" or something along that line. If you can send me a picture that would be great.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Clear Blue Skies and Encouraging Each Other

Today was wonderful. Clear blue skies and an escape from the house for a ride about town. My good friend picked me up and we made several stops. Even though we kept our distance, we were able to visit with two good friends, our daughter and two granddaughters. Then we made a stop at Dairy Queen to pick up lunch and get some blizzards. We dropped off three blizzards at our daughters and then came by our house to drop off lunch with plans to go for another drive around town. On our way we saw our Relief Society President visiting with one of her counselors. Our plans quickly changed when we discovered our oldest son was at our house dropping off mother's day surprises. My friend left for home and just as we got settled visiting my older brother came by. The best part was visiting on the patio. We so need these people in our lives. It was amazing how many people were out. It is wonderful to see our town thriving. We can be careful and follow social distancing while still encouraging each other in the current struggles. Thank you to all who were a part of my special day!!!

Friday, May 1, 2020

1 May 2020 Update

May 1, 2020 starting a new month with some great things happening today. I actually slept for eight hours last night. It felt so good and then I was up by 8:30, had breakfast and emptied the dishwasher. As I was sitting down in my recliner my good friend called and reminded me that the Women's Conference session was just starting. It was so nice to watch and the messages were so uplifting. They are available at