Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Covid19 Virus Side Effects

Well nothing like a fall in the night to up the experience of living during the Covid19 Virus. My ears are plugged and there is no chance of seeing my Ear Doctor until things settle down, who knows when. I felt sorry for the ER doctor, when we spoke on the phone, who had no answers in what to do other than do not show up at the ER. Now I have a lovely lump on my head, the darkest black eye you have ever seen, a little toe that has a gash but is still connected to my foot. I am grateful for the ice bag and pain pills I have in stock and more just ordered. The best thing was having my husband awakened to the sound of a small earthquake and coming to my rescue. With the help of my walker I pulled myself up off the ground. The day has been a blur of mostly restful sleep and a resettling of my bones, muscles and whatever else was shook up. Then my doctor called to review the unbelievable experience which lasted all of a couple of minutes. This is my fourth major fall over many years. Glad to be staying at home where only my grandchildren who talk with me online can see how really awful I look. No earthquake, just loss of balance, which is why I use a cane and a walker.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Coronavirus, Getting Things Accomplished

Well the 2020 Census letter arrived and that task is now completed. With only two of us it was am easy job. Then I voted for the local genealogy society officers. Again a very easy job.
I am working on a transcription of a ledger book for the local cemetery and school district from 1871 to 1892. For the school they list the teacher for every year and there seems to be a new one every year. Tough to have continuity with constant change of teachers. I am about halt way done. The clerks who write clearly are truly a blessing. This is not an easy job, but I have lots of time while we wait out this coronavirus. It is interesting how quickly the days are passing. Keep busy and be productive. Praying for peace during this difficult time.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus 2020

In my life I have lived through some tough stuff. Today is no exception, but it is truly something we can prepare for. I don't mind being at home if by doing so someone else runs a lower risk for getting sick. The past week I had an appointment with my regular doctor, my dentist and my gynecologist oncology surgeon. I went ahead to my appointments as I felt it was low risk for me to go. Each office was well organized and cautious with the patients. The final appointment was yesterday. Just before I left they called to verify I was not sick and I asked the same of them. This was my second six month check up since surgery. Not something that could be done virtually. I am glad that I went as I can relax for another six months of being cancer free. So now I am staying home. There is plenty for me to do right here. I appreciate that David does the shopping and has us well stocked. My prayers go out to others who are struggling. Don't forget to reach out to those who are alone. We will learn a lot about ourselves as we go through this experience. Step up and be the best person that you can be!