Sunday, June 17, 2018

Family Time - Remembering Fathers

The following are two posts I shared on facebook this week. The point I stressed most in my talk today was writing about our Fathers and sharing their history with our children. Recording our experiences with our parents is important as the next generation does not really know them. makes it easy to post memories and pictures. I utilize my blog for this purpose and will eventually transition the posts to

June 17
We had a very nice Father's Day and there is more celebrating next weekend. Our oldest daughter and partner Charles made us dinner on Saturday. It was fantastic and we had a very nice visit. Then today the two older sons made us a wonderful dinner. We had visits with our other son and daughter's family who live here. Then David had a nice visit with our daughter's family who live in Wyoming. The highlight of the day was speaking in church. We both chose to focus on the most recent conference talk by President Nelson. When we realized this I chose to just use a small part and let David have the rest. The focus of this talk was on personal revelation. I also used the poem, I Am A Child of Royal Birth, sharing some about the author. I also shared a blog post about my father I wrote several years ago. Somehow I managed to speak without too much emotion. My father passed away thirty years ago and my mother five years ago. Going through their things now is very healing for me.

June 8
Had a wonderful day yesterday. For some time I have been wanting to sort through the things of my mother. My niece Stephanie came out for lunch and then we worked for about two hours on the totes in the garage. We made it through all of them. There were a few treasures she took home, three totes and some other things went to Good Will and a few totes went back to the garage. I so appreciate that she was willing to help me. This was the beginning of the process to condense what I have. It has been five years since my mother passed and it was great to review some of her life.