Friday, October 14, 2011

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, Genealogy Education - Enhance Your Research

Genealogy education is one of my past blog topics and in it I refer to the three nationally respected institutes. The opportunity to enter a contest for a free tuition to the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy in 2012 is a perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to attend one of the tracks. This is a very popular Institute and usually there is a race for a spot in the tracks. Several of the current tracks are filled and others have limited spots available. For further information visit their website at:

In meeting my genealogy education goals I graduated from BYU with a BGS degree with a focus in family history in 2005, earned the Certificate in Family History Research-North America in 2004 and received an AG through ICAPGen, specializing in New England Research in 2010. My volunteer work and genealogy associations include: the Milwaukie, Oregon Family History Center, Federation of Genealogical Societies, the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Genealogical Council of Oregon, the Genealogical Forum of Oregon and Daughters of the American Revolution. I have attended local seminars, state genealogy conferences and the BYU Family History Conference. One thing I have never done is attend a national institute.

If I am able to attend this year I would choose to attend
Course 1: American Research and Records: Focus on Families,
coordinated by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FUGA, FMGS.
In the past I have attended several of Paula's classes and it would be a great experience to learn from her in an intense educational environment. Her focus on significant records and strategies that take you beyond basic research tools both online and off will enable me to fine tune the knowledge that I have already gained. This track allows for time at the Family History Library with consultants to help me focus on my brick wall families. Living in Gladstone, Oregon I do not have many opportunities to work in the library with the experts.

The additional instructors in the track are well known professionals, some of whom I have worked with in the past. The courses include:

*  From Clues to Records: Step-by-Step Planning (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  Vital Records – Strategies and Substitutes (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  Probing into Wills, Administrations, Guardianships, and Commitments (Cath Madden Trindle)
*  Church Records: Locating and Excavating (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  Institutional Records: Extensive Family Details (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  From Clues to Records: Step-by-Step Planning (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  U.S. Census Records – Beyond the Basics: Non-Population and Special Schedules (D. Joshua Taylor)
*  Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Research: Resources, Methods, and Skills (Debra Mieszala)
*  U.S. Passport Applications (Debra Mieszala)
*  Lesser Used Federal Records (John Philip Colletta)
*  City Directories: More than Just Census Substitutes (Kory Meyerink)
*  The Grey and the Blue: Beyond Pensions (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  Once Upon a Time: Breathing Life into Your Family History (Cath Madden Trindle)
*  Clustering and More: Maximizing Your Online Searches (D. Joshua Taylor)
*  Researching the Occupations of Our Ancestors (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  Finding Family Gems in Manuscript Repositories and Special Collections (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  The Three Rs: Reading, ‘Riting, and Research In School Records (Paula Stuart-Warren)
The added bonuses include:
*  Discussion and Review of Group Research Projects (Paula Stuart-Warren)
*  Plus one-on-one consultations in the Family History Library on three afternoons.

So yes, this is a wonderful chance for someone to attend the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, work with the experts, and mingle with fellow genealogists and bloggers. The opportunity to attend would be very meaningful to any serious genealogist. Thank you for making the Institute and this contest available to interested genealogists.

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