Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Family Tree Addition

David our youngest son and Shelby were married today. It was amazing to observe them as they made this commitment in front of family and friends. Watching online was wonderful and I really appreciate her sister for creating the live video feed. With restrictions on gathering there was a limited number who could attend in person. For the ceremony they were required to wear masks. Even with masks on their happiness shown right through! Thank you for this awesome event. We are thrilled for both of you.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Happy Ten Year Blogiversary – 24 April 2021

Happy Ten Year Blogiversary – 24 April 2021 What an amazing ten years it has been. I am not a frequent writer, but there always seem to be plenty of viewers. So far this year I have written ten posts. It appears that changes are coming in notifications for followers so you can friend me on facebook until I figure out the new blog delivery system. For now here are some stats showing the amazing progress and support of family, friends and viewers. 
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 Gopher Genealogy by Susan LeBlanc provides information about research, lectures, published articles and book reviews, and Serendipity Moments that are the results of searching for ancestors both personally and for clients. The objective of the blog is for others to receive insight and inspiration in doing their family history research. It is an evolving method of communication and input from reviewers is welcome.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Surviving Lock Down

A year ago today I signed up for Zoom and attended the first of many group meetings. As the time went on I attended many more such meetings with many different types of groups. With things advancing quickly with restrictions it was so nice to have a means of communicating and learning. The Genealogy community found a whole new method of interacting as almost all in person events were cancelled. Our local Genealogical Forum of Oregon went virtual, with general meetings, seminars and a week-long virtual Open House that included eighteen free presentations. The sixteen Special Interest groups provide a wide range of learning opportunities and I attended ten of them, some on a monthly basis and all for free and some with handouts. As the year progressed the GFO volunteers worked hard to provide virtual access to records and websites for the use of their members. The more recent attendance has grown into the hundreds. Familysearch, Ancestry and My Heritage sponsored the RootsTech Virtual Conference and it had attendance in the millions. Instead of racing down hallways, paying for airfare, motels and other expenses we met the challenges of planning our time around the classes, presentations, virtual vendors hall and so much more. By the time this occurred in February people had adapted to learning online. The truly adventurous attended presentations throughout the United States and around the World. My favorite was a presentation on the customs of food and drink of old England with the group from Lincolnshire, England. The most challenging part of the process was calendaring the events so that I did not double book a reservation or forget about watching those for which I had a reservation. So, what is your take on the massive growth of online virtual learning opportunities and the formats for attending them? Do you have a favorite presentation format? While Zoom was the new kid on the block, with some learning curves involved it is my favorite. It is especially great with children and older adults. The biggest blessing of the entire year was being able to communicate with family, friends and neighbors in a virtual format. What it did for our genealogy work was truly amazing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Vaccine Recovery 2021


Vaccine Recovery 2021

Before I had the two Covid vaccine shots I worked hard to finish up projects and organize my office. The first shot was okay with some discomfort mostly to my hands and feet related to my neuropathy. The second shot has thrown me a curve ball. After two phone visits with my doctor I gave up and had an office visit. It turns out that my sciatica has been activated and generating a lot of pain. My hands and feet continue to be aggravated. Nine days of discomfort with lots of sympathy from the doctor. She ordered pain patches, rest and patience. Now I look around my office with little energy to consider doing much. Even the 677 page book on the History of Woburn is a challenge. The next 830 page book on The History of Lexington is not due to arrive for another month.  I am working very slowly on probate documents from 1696 and it is a struggle. Anyone want to give a try at transcribing it?

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Roots Tech 2021 Friday Day 2

For Day 2 I tried to listen to all of the Key Note speakers I missed the day before. There were 24 Key Note speakers and 8 Heritage Highlights which I saw only the second one. My favorite speaker was Sharon Leslie Morgan. Then I added to my Playlist for future viewing in the coming year. Of the 1,000+ sessions within eight different tracks there is quite a variety available. Some are a series of sessions. I choose 127 sessions, which means viewing two or three a week. They do vary in length. It is highly recommended that the overall list be examined prior to such an event. One thing about a virtual conference with so many new components is there is little time during the actual event for organizing. There were not really any structured breaks, so knowing the overall schedule one wants to follow is important. 

I spent a lot of time working in Relative Finder. What I loved about the Relative Finder was finding that I match with Pat Richley-Erickson , Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, David E. Rencher, Thomas MacEntee, Judy G. Russell, Karen Stanbary, CG, Thomas Jay Kemp, Tom Jones, Randy (CA),  Ce Ce Moore and over 46,000 others of the one million plus who attended this historic conference. Surely one of the miracles of this pandemic. This group all connect with me and the Tidd family. Another large group of matches are eleven for the Rounds and Strong families. Many of us hope this feature is available in the future!

Roots Tech 2021 Saturday Day 3

It was certainly a great conference. The last session with Elder and Sister Holland was the best. What a sweet couple and their special family. The entire conference was wonderful. From the Main Stage to the Song Contest excitement filled this experience. There were 1500 songs submitted and one could view the musicians and participate in voting. The Graphics, the staging for the interviews, great transitioning were all key to the flow of the conference. The total number of registrants was over one million and from 226 countries. Be sure to check out the Expo Hall, Discovery and Activity Pages. The Guide Me section is extremely helpful and if you have questions use the Help button.  

To the coordinators and everyone who worked so hard at creating this first class experience, Thank you so very much!


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Roots Tech Wednesday 24 February 2021

Roots Tech Wednesday 24 February 2021 and Thursday 25 February 2021

Just spent two hours at Roots Tech and did not even get to the exhibit hall! The first keynote speaker was great, but there were Internet difficulties with reception problems. Then I moved on to the view some of the pages. On the first page it shows there are 501,203 participants and a map of the 226 places they are globally from. In the Connections portion there are 267,803 people with a total of 55,838,115 matches having been made. There is a map showing where matches are concentrated. The best surprise was when my youngest daughter showed up as my closest match. I have a total of 300 matches, one close relative, two 3rd cousins, twelve 4th cousins, some 5th cousins and the rest 6th and beyond. There is a map showing all of them being from the United States. Then I just kind of looked over the website and took a tour of the Family History Library to see how things have changed there. I will try later to view the keynote speaker. My final stop was the Song Contest where I listened to twelve artists in three categories perform their songs. They are very talented. I look forward to seeing who the winner is. I submitted three, one for each category. Now to get some rest so I will be ready for a full day tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Post 400 - Organization a Lifetime Project

 Organization is a lifetime project requiring timely updates! The gophers have been very helpful. I have accomplished a lot in the past year.

In the lateral files are all of my personal family history notebooks. There are 15 totes in total. There are 5 boxes from my mother's estate. They are all sorted and labeled. The totes include 4 of my mother's, 2 of her mother's, 1 for the Tidd family, 1 for all of my other ancestors, 1 for the Watt's family, 1 for the Strong family books, 1 for clients, 1 for office decorations. There are 3 for miscellaneous things of mine. There are also six boxes of miscellaneous stuff from other ancestors. After working intently on the Tidd family book this past year I need to go through that tote and sort all of the materials for them, of which there are a few research notebooks as well as the main family notebook. Its a long and winding road. What Covid-19 has taught me is that being at home is a very good thing as long as I get out occasionally. Going down memory lane can be very therapeutic.

This is post 400. This year celebrating ten years of writing on

Susan Waters The gophers are the two stuffed animals sitting on my printer. They encourage me, motivate me, and like to travel when that is an option. Many genealogists have such able staff in their home offices.