Saturday, May 28, 2022

Staying on Task

I have four projects that are my focus this week. One is for my book, another is the collection from my father's cousin, then I have a pro bono project and some follow up on the Watts Family Collection. Yesterday I had my annual cancer check up and things went well. One more yearly check up at the five year mark and then I will be able to go to a more local facility. With Covid fog abating I am feeling much better. It has been an interesting spring. I am ready for summer! I completed the cousin's collection organization, will work on the pro bono project next and of course the Watt's collection is ongoing. Making great progress in the book. I definitely need to work on my picture collection and scanning.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Recovery from Virus

Finally recovering from a virus that kept me from wanting to do anything. It was hard to read. Sleep felt the best. No fever, but plenty of other symptoms. Now that the foggy head is abating I am slowly resuming the work on my book. It pays to have various options for work. Enjoyed two great books: Anne Hutchinson the American Jezebel by Eve LaPlante and The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper, written in 1821. Went through my short stack of loose papers and it makes me feel great to review the progress I am making.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Mail Box Full of Book Packages

Got some great books in the mail today. There are five, three related to work on the book. The fifth is the book, The Foundlings Book by Nathan Dylan Goodwin from Amazon. There is a webinar April 29, 2002, which includes Diahan Southard This is the most recent in his series and this time I ordered a copy for me which I will share back to the library. This is a great book for relaxing my mind before I move onto the next phase of the book. The other books include two for Quaker research and one about Gentle Tamers, Woman of the Old Wild West. These three came from the Genealogical Forum of Oregon surplus book sales. Great prices and as a Life Member they are half price. The last book and maybe the most exciting is, The Register Book of the Lands and Houses in the New Towne, and the Towne of Cambridge and the Records of the Proprietors of the Common Lands, Being Generally Called "The Proprietors Records" in 1635, printed in 1896, 410 pages, from ABE Books. The index is rather brief, but does list two Tidd family members, Lydia Teed and John Tidd. So now to take some down time and do a little reading. I now have town books for all of the ancestral towns where the Tidds lived from 1637 to 1860. These are rare books and capture the true nature of each town. Now back to the Foundlings!

1950 Census

Took a break from my work on the book and prepared a presentation and handout on the 1950 Census. Last night I met via Zoom with the Genial Genealogists group of St. Helens, Oregon. We had a nice group with several new people joining us. What that forced me to do was search for my parents, grandparents and great grandparents who were still living at the time. I am still trying to find one great grandfather, Peter Anderson. The past few months I have been getting to know my mother's cousin, also a descendant of Peter. I sent her a packet of pictures and genealogy information that I have in his notes in my database. She sent me one packet of pictures and another is on its way. The timing for this is so perfect. My mother is surely smiling down on us and the joy we feel in knowing each other. Have you found relatives in the 1950 Census?

Friday, March 25, 2022

Family History and Genealogy Center

Susan Olsen LeBlanc I got my BA at BYU in Family History in 2005 and my AG in 2010. There were a lot of complications along the way. After graduation I continued to get information on job opportunities from the BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy Center. They provide free services to the public. You need to reach out to other genealogists and find a mentor if possible. Be open to doing volunteer work. Keep learning every day. After twenty years I continue to learn through webinars, blogs, newsletters, conferences, institutes, etc. Love the work and reach out to others. A college degree is great, but it only sets your foundation. My work includes every type of research one can imagine. Find your niche, but don't let it limit you and your growth. My blog is a reflection of that work.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

March Madness 2022

This week I went through and rearranged some of my notebooks. Putting those that I use more often in a place where they are easier to get at. The other notebooks, mostly from my BYU classes and conferences are moving to the bottom shelf. Don't know that I will ever use them again. Later I may scan some of them. In the process I found some important records, like land deeds and census, that are now moving into upper shelves as I use them in the book I am working on. Plan to finish this project today. That leaves one other lateral file to search and a few boxes. I did place some loose papers in bags so I can either use them or toss them. Great way to kick off March Madness!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Organization Progress Since Covid 19

Susan Olsen LeBlanc 30 January 2016 I finally unpacked the last three uhaul boxes in my office. What a great feeling that is. That leaves me with a 2'x2' stack of papers from multiple ancestral families that need to be sorted. There are serious documents in there and I can hardly wait to start sorting. This has taken me years to accumulate and then I never had the time to really utilize what was found. This is a must do project before I leave my research to someone else. There are still boxes for other projects: five boxes of family pictures from 1992, ten albums to be redone from magnetic picture albums; about twenty boxes of children's school work to go through; about twenty tubs of my mother's things; postcard collections to be sorted and put into notebooks. This will not all happen right away, but making progress is about moving forward and that is what I am feeling right now! 30 January 2022 Progress made in six years. Stack of papers sorted and filed in tote for next step. Finished ten picture albums now in new albums. Six to go. Finished sixteen boxes of children’s school work. Four to go. Finished fifteen tubs of my mother’s things. Five to go. Finished all postcard collections. Yet to do five boxes of family pictures. That is 27 out of 56 albums, boxes and totes completed. About half way done. Most of this was done after Covid 19 came about. I gave some of our children their picture albums and school work!