Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Posts and the Oscars

Today marked 35,000 post views for this blog. In April will be the five year blogiversary. This is my 250th post and it is amazing the variety of topics that they cover. With seventy followers and many others who are reading, it is an honor to know that there is interest in what is written. Tonight I watched the Oscars, which is not something that I normally would do. It was entertaining and thought provoking.

How do the Oscars impact the lives of our society, the actors, directors, and others employed in the movie industry? Almost every person receiving an award mentioned their family and friends in their comments. Will the statue sit in a prominent place in their homes? Imagine the family stories that could be written about such an event in our lives. While most of us will not receive an Oscar, we will probably receive some type of recognition or award for work that we perform. It is wonderful to share such an occasion with those who care about us and we care about.

My mother would watch the Oscars and would have enjoyed this year's presentations. The best part was when Pink sang my mother's favorite song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with the following words:
Somewhere Over the Rainbow way up high,
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."

The words that I typed come from the back of a small child's plastic radio that was found in the basket of 25 Barbie dolls that her grandchildren played with at her home. It is now at our home and the first time the granddaughters wound up the radio it began to play the song and it felt very emotional. So for it to be part of the program just eight months after her passing was wonderful. She also would have enjoyed Bette Midler's presentation of, "Wind Beneath My Wings." Pleasant memories came as these songs were sung.

My granddaughters will be thrilled that the song from the movie "Frozen" won an award. "Let it Go" has been the girls' favorite ever since we went to see the movie when it first came out. It is often heard while they are here in our home. They also really like the movie Despicable Me 2 and the song, "Happy" which was sung. Will the Oscars mean anything to children six and three?

Sharing the enjoyment of movies and music are some of the greatest experiences we can have with our family and friends. Writing about them preserves the impact of them in our lives. Doing so in a blog is a wonderful venue that can be preserved for our families. Be sure when you write that you make copies in different formats so long after you are gone your descendants may gain insight from the experiences of your life and that of your family.

There was an exceptional quote from the program:
"No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid."             Lupita Nyongo winning supporting actress
That to me was the theme of the Oscars. We all have dreams and no matter where we are in life we can work toward making them valid or achievable. The theme for our family is, "Look for the Rainbow" and our parents always encouraged us to work hard in achieving our dreams. Like the Oscar winners I can truly say that my parent's had a great impact in the person I have become and for that I do owe them a large debt of gratitude. So, yes serendipity did come forward tonight as I sat to watch a program with unexpected moments of great meaning. May you look for your rainbow and find joy in validating your dreams.

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