Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Post 400 - Organization a Lifetime Project

 Organization is a lifetime project requiring timely updates! The gophers have been very helpful. I have accomplished a lot in the past year.

In the lateral files are all of my personal family history notebooks. There are 15 totes in total. There are 5 boxes from my mother's estate. They are all sorted and labeled. The totes include 4 of my mother's, 2 of her mother's, 1 for the Tidd family, 1 for all of my other ancestors, 1 for the Watt's family, 1 for the Strong family books, 1 for clients, 1 for office decorations. There are 3 for miscellaneous things of mine. There are also six boxes of miscellaneous stuff from other ancestors. After working intently on the Tidd family book this past year I need to go through that tote and sort all of the materials for them, of which there are a few research notebooks as well as the main family notebook. Its a long and winding road. What Covid-19 has taught me is that being at home is a very good thing as long as I get out occasionally. Going down memory lane can be very therapeutic.

This is post 400. This year celebrating ten years of writing on

Susan Waters The gophers are the two stuffed animals sitting on my printer. They encourage me, motivate me, and like to travel when that is an option. Many genealogists have such able staff in their home offices.

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