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The Accreditation Process - APG Email Lists

I would like to share a letter I recently sent to the APG Public List in response to comments about the Accreditation Process for earning an AG through ICAPGen. Both this and the APG Member List are valuable resources for genealogists. One can post questions about research and the group will post their opinions in attempting to assist each other. As a member of APG I find this to be a wonderful resource for my research and potential clients. Another very helpful list is the Transitional Genealogists List. The digest forms of the lists are easy to scan for comments of interest to read and don't fill up the inbox as much.

The Accreditation Process
Re: [APG Public List] Accreditation Process

I know this topic is pretty much closed, but having just read old posts to get caught up I would like to share my thoughts on the Accreditation Process.

I received my AG last year after four years of working through the process. Since then many positive changes have been made to the program. It is now a very straightforward process with a lot of online support.

My reason for working towards the AG, were first and foremost to test the genealogical foundation of my experiences. After ten years of working in a FHC and in other volunteer positions I had gained valuable experience in preparation for this process.

Receiving my BGS (Bachelor of General Studies in Family History) from BYU five years ago was the first step in testing my knowledge and experience. I was able to participate in the online distance program, having attended the college 25 years before. The process was challenging and greatly enhanced my knowledge of genealogy. In some areas it just reinforced what I had learned in my work. My GPA was impressive to me, but I wasn't focused on just that. Being one of the older students made it all the more fun.

The AG was just another step in testing these skills. Even if I had not received the AG, just passing the rigorous portfolio submission and the eight-hour test were a wonderful sense of accomplishment. This also greatly added to my knowledge and skills. It was frustrating at times and I wanted to give up, but I had a wonderful mentor who encouraged me to keep pushing myself.

I believe no matter what you do towards the effort of defining who you are and what you are capable of, it is an important part of being a professional. In the future I may choose to purse the CG, but for now I am just having fun doing research and helping others.

This list is an excellent way to support each other. I appreciate those well-known professionals who contribute their expertise, despite their busy schedules. Everyone's support and input is important. I think we need to leave the petty things behind and focus on what makes us better in our individual tracks in this work. We show our true colors by how we respond to the posts on this list.

Susan LeBlanc AG®

AG® certification marks are the sole property of the
International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists.
All Rights Reserved. Last modified August 2008

So find some online groups where you can gain expertise and knowledge in the research work that you are doing. Facebook and Google + also provide some excellent group resources. recently instituted familysearch forums so people can interact and share ideas. Choose your nitch and lurk awhile until you feel ready to begin posting your own ideas and questions.

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