Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Genealogy - When the Times Get Tough Push Through Them

This is going to be more of a personal blog post about the past two weeks of my life. On my way to a genealogy group meeting, at a local genealogy facility, I missed a step and that could dramatically alter my plans for the near future. As much as I wanted to attend the meeting the pain in my shoulder indicated that I needed to see a doctor. My wonderful friend, who was with me, helped me to get up off the concrete which had intensified my landing blow. Another wonderful friend happened by and helped me to my car. As my first friend drove me home, I called my family to alert them to the plan-changing situation.

My dear husband took me to urgent care. The diagnosis is a broken humerus bone, not the least bit funny! Being right handed and breaking the right arm is a recipe for disaster. The pain was intensified by a cracked rib on the left side. My wonderful recliner became me home 24/7. The pain pills were not even optional, and oblivion seemed the best course. Eating held little interest for me. I existed on simple meals and easy snacks. Thankfully my husband was able to take time off from work and spent five days seeing me through the worst of this experience.

When he went back to work other family members supported me in various ways. The phone calls, visits and food deliveries made this time endurable. Now two weeks later I realize I have so much to be grateful for. The follow-up visit with the fracture clinic was very positive, and it looks like surgery probably won't be needed. There were several things I was not able to attend, like a family reunion and a wedding reception, but through facebook I was able to have a bird's eye view. The key right now is to mend and have a solid recovery.

Genealogy has once again been my escape from boredom and the tediousness of the passing hours. At first I did not feel like doing much, but writing this blog was doable. Now I am catching up on all the reading and personal research projects that have piled up in my office. In the weeks before this occurred I was cleaning and rearranging my office. It is a blessing as my physical abilities to work are limited. The doctor even asked if I worked, but was not concerned when I told him I am a Genealogy Researcher. He did say I cannot drive for at least six weeks.

So, for now I am working on three power point lectures, two articles for our local quarterly, and several client projects. With one-handed typing this is a little slower process. I also spent some time cleaning up my personal genealogy database. In the next few weeks I hope to get lots of scanning done of family albums. So, while I may have accepted the slowing down of my busy schedule to allow for recovery, I am by no means dormant. In the next month I have five presentations, which are very doable with my family's help. So, if you see me out and about please understand the broken wing in the sling. When the times get tough push through them and they soon will become distant memories. Be sure to write about them as part of your personal history.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your broken "wing". Hoping you have a speedy recovery.