Saturday, December 31, 2011

Genealogy Blog 80 - Beginning the New Year

This is blog post #80, and for my first year of having a blog, I feel this is one huge goal that I accomplished this year. Tonight we turn the page on 2011 and head straight into 2012. I like even numbers, maybe based on my birth date, so I expect this New Year to hold lots of wonderful experiences. I do have a few simple genealogy related goals, but they are more just reminders of the tasks that are on my to do lists. This year I made some progress with many of these, but then I had some setbacks that slowed me down a bit. They go more by order of what needs doing most, not necessarily what I will complete first.

1. Clean and sort in my office.
2. Finish sorting through the household papers, scan what I just want a copy of, file the ones I want to keep and shred the rest.
3. Sort my children's school papers and keep a small collection to show the grandchildren someday. (I still have a small collection of my own school papers)
4. Start a notebook for each grandchild for the keepsakes they give to me.
5. Organize the photos which have been printed and those that are digital.
6. Redo the family photo albums to acid free pages and scan the pictures.
7. Give each child a photo album of their childhood.
8. Go through genealogy research notebooks and discard unnecessary papers.
9. Work on updating our family genealogy database.
10. Finish reviewing the seven post office ledger books and provide a copy of the list of books to the society.
11. Write more blog posts about my family history research and post two times a week.
12. Create two more lectures in power point. (To adjust as requests come in)
13. Volunteer at our Family History Center and local societies.
14. Write more articles and book reviews to be published.
15. Attend at least one national conference.
16. Attend at least one state conference.
17. Attend at least one local seminar or family history fair.
18. Assist more people in starting and continuing to research their own families.
19. Take a genealogy vacation and visit some old home sites, neighborhoods and relatives who live in the area.
20. To enjoy doing genealogy research work and encourage others to enjoy working in theirs.

This may seem like a long list, but actually I accomplished a good deal of these goals this past year. The thing with genealogy is the work is never finished. There will always be more discoveries waiting for us around the next bend. The name of this blog, Gopher Genealogy, reflects the keys to success in research, which are determination and perseverance. Your goals should reflect what you enjoy doing, which will make you more apt to follow through with them. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and genealogy successes in the coming year.

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