Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Week 2012

For our family this has been a very interesting week leading up to Father's Day. For my husband this week probably seems surreal. On Monday he had surgery and spent the night in the hospital, which was a first for him since birth. No matter who is having surgery, or what type it is there is always a sense of apprehension about the outcome. I am very happy to say he was home early the next day and is having a very good recovery. He slept a good part of the day. We are grateful for very nice recliner chairs and a sleep number bed, which makes it very comfortable for him to rest. The refrigerator and cupboards are stocked with food, so he pretty much has everything he needs for the next week.

On Wednesday our two granddaughters arrived to spend three days with us. Being four years and eighteen months, they treated Grandpa well as he reclined in his easy chair trying not to move too much. They adore their grandfather, as he does them. He is under strict orders not to lift anything over ten pounds and for the most part was obedient. As the week went on they would sit in his lap for brief periods. We treasure these times together, because the time will pass quickly and they will be grown young women active in their own lives. Our grandsons live in Utah, so for now we enjoy them on Skype. They are planning on coming for a two-week visit this summer.

During this week we have eaten mostly purchased, easy to prepare food for meals, as I get totally worn out tending the girls. Our children have taken turns to bring food home and we are very thankful for their help. Our oldest son is home, as he lost his job two weeks ago. While he job hunts he also helps tend to things around the house. Our middle son took this week off from work so he could help out. Our youngest son helps when he was not working. The first day my husband was home they helped to make sure he got into the house safely and assisted as needed. They have been tending to the tasks that are normally done by their father.

The girls left on Saturday. I had to teach a class in the morning, so the boys were in charge. It was mostly a day of rest and continued recovery. When I returned I also enjoyed some quiet time myself. It did seem very still without the granddaughters. Our daughter came by with supplies for her Father's Day dinner.

Today, Sunday, we happily celebrated Father's Day with my husband and my mother's husband. Our oldest daughter fixed a lovely meal with butternut squash soup, breaded roasted chicken, club salad, rice, and our homemade grape juice. After dinner the boys cleaned up and then we played a card game while watching the basketball game on television.  It was a great time to focus on these men who do so much for each of us. We are all very grateful to have them in our lives.

Twenty-four years ago my father passed away at the age of fifty-three, after a two year struggle with brain cancer. Twenty years ago this upcoming December my husband's father passed away due to an aortic aneurysm at the age of sixty-three. This untimely death shocked the family. Our children really do not remember much about their grandfathers. We are grateful to the men who stepped in to fill these important roles in their lives. Life is precious and we never know when a dramatic change might occur.

Take the time to enjoy and make memories of the people who you share your life with. Happy Father's day to my husband, step-father, sons in law and all the other men who have taken on the wonderful role of fatherhood in their lives. You truly are appreciated and respected for your efforts on our behalf.

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