Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Most Utilized Websites Found in Top 500 and Then Some

This week I received an email about the Top Seventeen Most-Visited Websites. The link took me to the following website.
Most Popular Sites 2012: Alexa Ranks The 500 Most-Visited Websites
From this information I created a list of the top twenty websites that I frequently visit or receive information from.

1 Google
2 Facebook
3 YouTube
6 Wikipedia
13 Linkedin
39 Craigslist
42 Pinterest
65 AOL
143 Dropbox
186 Skype
227 The Internet Archive
319 Groupon
352 US Postal Service

The biggest surprise is that no genealogy specific websites were included in this group. Then I checked out my twelve top favorite websites and found amazing results.

Not in the first 500, but important to genealogists.
633 (157 US)
4005 (873 US)
4063 (1,120 US)
24,861 (6,436 US)
44,188 (14, 644 US)
46,972 (14,317 US)
77,312 (27,465 US)
85,923 (25,212 US)
94,609 (22,749 US)
103,691 (21,430 US)
115,382 (23,687 US)
267,845 (52,296 US)

Friends Suggested Websites
128,785 (33,022 US)

What does this say about the popularity of genealogy versus every day usage of the websites found around the world and in the U.S.? To me it says that genealogists are a rather small portion of the people who use the Internet. While we may use general websites in the course of our work, in those we are included in the vast amount of website users. I use Google, Facebook, Linkedin,, AOL,, and on a daily basis. The websites of Pinterest and are connections from my three daughters. Skype is usually a once a week connection with my daughter's family.

When we consider the Internet world it is an amazing tool that many of us take for granted. When our computer shuts down we panic as we lose access. Going on vacation without a computer connection can cause huge withdrawal symptoms. During my workday I take breaks from the computer just to let my brain and eyes rest. Like any other tool at our fingertips, we need to understand how the computer fits into our world and protect against overuse. Check out the top 500 Most-Visited Websites to see how your favorites rank on this list and then check the genealogy websites that you use on a regular basis.
Please share your favorite genealogy websites.

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