Monday, September 3, 2012

Interesting Blog Statistics

On June 25, 2011 I wrote a blog post entitled, "Genealogy Education - Enhance Your Research." That post has been the most viewed for some time and today it reached 500 views. That is more than double of any other post and more than the next two combined, which are, "Genealogists- How Our Brains Assimilate Information" with 231 views and "Genealogy Serendipity Moments - The Unvarnished Truth" with 205 views. The other two with more than a hundred views are, "Genealogists Shopping List" with 163 views and "Genealogy Serendipity Moments - The Rigg Family" with 153 views. These five out of 154 total written posts continue to be popular.

For this week again the "Genealogy Education - Enhance Your Research" article was the most viewed with 20 views listed. Evey time I see it come up, I wonder what makes it so significant and what continues to draw viewers to its content. To me it points to the emphasis on the need for continual education within the genealogy profession. It provides an extensive review of available educational possibilities for those who work at genealogy as a hobby or a profession.

The viewers of this blog are primarily from the United States with 8,668 views, which has four times the amount of hits by location. The others from the most to the least are: Russia, Germany, France, Romania, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Ukraine, and Malaysia. The overall page views are at 12,426 and now average almost 900 a month.

Another interesting statistic is the views for the individual pages found at the top of the blog. The Daniel Tidd Article has had 370 views. It is my most prized work and I am thrilled to share it with others. Next comes the Calendar page, which lists my lectures by dates, with 345 views. The GFO Articles page with 239 hits and the Lectures page, with short descriptions of each lecture, with 214 hits, follow this. The other eight pages receive fewer hits and some were posted at more recent dates.

After eighteen months of writing twice a week I still enjoy the process of putting my thoughts into a post. This blog is a wonderful tool for sharing with fellow genealogists and readers what I love most about doing genealogy work. Whether I am writing the blog, reports for family, for publication, or reports for clients; it all requires a continual focus on education and learning.

What do you enjoy about writing for genealogy purposes? What genealogy educational opportunities have you benefited from the most?

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