Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Tradtions

Tomorrow is Halloween and we have been anxiously awaiting it with our grandchildren. For the grandsons in Provo I sent a box filled with decorations, cards, Halloween treats, storybooks, workbooks, toys, etc. Then when it arrived at their home we shared their opening it on Skype. It was so much fun to watch their excitement in discovering their gifts.  For the granddaughters we worked together to decorate our home, read stories about Halloween, made cookies, helped them dress in their costumes and went to their ward Halloween party. This is so much fun for us as grandparents.

As a child our family did very similar activities. The main difference is we would go out trick or treating in our neighborhood with all of the children who lived near us. When we were very little my parents went with us, but it was not long before we were out with just our friends. One fun memory I have is dressing up as Little Bow Peep, with a metal crook and bow made by my father. This I wore to a ward Halloween party and won first prize. Most of the time our costumes were homemade and not very fancy.

For our children we always made costumes. We would decorate our home, read Halloween books and carve pumpkins. For many years we would go to the Pumpkin Patch and have an adventure wandering through the fields looking for the right ones. These farms would decorate their fields with Halloween creatures including Charlie Brown characters, scarecrows, etc. They were not especially scary. We may have gone to a corn maze once, but our children went with their friends when they were a bit older.

For twelve years we lived on a small gravel road in the country and so we would go to other people's homes for the evening. Several times we went to my sister's home and our children went out together. It was fun to share these times with them. Since that time we moved to a home in a small city and have lived here for over twenty years. This neighborhood is very kid friendly and they have had a blast going to the many homes. For the first few years I went out with them, often on very dark, rainy and blustery nights. This did not bode well for me, as I tend to get sick when exposed to the elements.

Sarah Shera, Uncle Steve, Daniel GI Joe, Misty Ballerina, Darcy Micky Mouse, Alyssa Rainbow Brite, Anne Witch, abt. 1985

Today I am grateful to stay at home and hand out treats to the few children who come by. With this Halloween being on a school night and most of the churches in this area hosting parties for the children we don't expect to see many children at our door. Our grandchildren will do some limited trick or treating, but as they are young their parent's may keep them home and do family activities. It is fun to watch their parents create their own traditions, while incorporating some of ours.

Whatever you do for Halloween, please be safe whether you are driving or walking. Watch out for the Halloween goodies as they can do a number on our bodies. If you stay home enjoy the moment with a warm drink and maybe a baked goodie. Watch some classic scary movies, listen to some spooky music and maybe Skype your loved ones who live far away. Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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  1. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I get to watch my children dress up and be so excited. My daughters, I have three of them each got about 4-5 pounds of candy when they went out.

    Regards, Jim
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