Monday, December 17, 2012

Webinars for 2013 A Great Educational Opportunity

Webinars are one of the best educational investments for genealogists, as most of them cost nothing to attend. For the 2013 calendar there are now over thirty four available for registration. They average three per month and there are certainly more to come.

The two hosting groups that have posted the upcoming webinars are Southern California Genealogical Society and Illinois Genealogical Society. For both of these groups if you miss the webinar you must be a member of their society to access the archived webinars. The annual membership is quite reasonable and offers additional benefits. One of my other favorite groups is the Legacy Family Tree group and their 2013 schedule is to be posted soon. With this group you may often view the webinar for a short time after it is presented, but to receive the accompanying handouts one must purchase the CD of that webinar.

There are other webinars, podcasts, radio shows, etc. to add to the list. Most of these are more like discussions of various topics. For those that require registration it is wise to register early as they may have limited space. It is also a good idea to arrive a few minutes early for the webinar as the allotted space may fill. Watching the delayed version is a good option if the access is full. At times I choose to rewatch the webinar to gather information that was presented faster than I was able to take notes. I don't always take notes, but I do note which webinars I attend to add to my AG application or resume. The webinars usually have audience participation by live communication or typed questions.

The presenters of webinars are the same highly regarded professionals that one would find at national and local conferences. Occasionally as part of a conference some of the classes will be presented online and can be accessed by those who are unable to attend. Even if you are unsure if you will be able to attend you should go ahead and register for the classes. Be sure and add them to your calendar. So far the organizations seem to be coordinating their schedules.

Here are the web addresses for the webinars mentioned for the coming year:
24 webinars available
12 webinars available
Look under the training tab, coming soon.

By registering for webinar participation in the future one will receive email updates of news, changes to the schedule and reminders of the upcoming webinar of the week. Please add a comment about the webinars that you enjoy participating in.

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  1. As ISGS Education Committee chair, I thank you so very much for including the ISGS webinars in your post.