Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blogging Fun and Other Time Commitments

Today's review of my blog views shows 25,555. When it reached 25,000 views last week that was amazing, but this was the serendipity moment as the numbers all lined up. Lately things seem to be picking up again. There were two days in a row this month that were 120 and 110. In April 2013 I reached 1764 views for the all-time high of monthly views. May was 1708 and so far for the month of June it is 1423.

My overall goal for posting has been two posts a week, but for some time I have been writing about one post a week. This summer is probably going to be busy, but I hope to keep up the posts on a weekly basis. Lately the posts have been a little shorter and cover recent activities and discoveries. The main purpose of this blog is to share information about people being researched and current genealogy news.

The distractions are what keep me from writing regularly. Things like the birth of a new grandchild, interacting with grandchildren, a box of family post cards recently discovered by my mother, client work, genealogy work for friends, and research projects for information on columns or articles being written, etc. These are all time committments to things that are very enjoyable. Portioning out our lives to fit all the pieces together is a major task.

The key to blogging is that it is fun. It is a way of maintaining information about genealogy work that might get lost in the piles on my desk. Today when looking for a piece of household mail some papers lost in the mix were discovered and placed in the proper files or notebooks. Maintaining order in the office is critical when one has their hands in so many different places. The main goal for the summer is to rid this space of the clutter that holds me back. Mostly it is paperwork for our household, and the school work and keepsakes of six children. It is time to move on, keep what is critical or irreplaceable, scan or take pictures of items for memory books and toss the rest.

So, make time for your other time commitments and then have some blogging fun. Share the discoveries found deep within the clutter like my mother is doing. She is bringing the box to me today, lending it for my own entertainment. My plan is to enjoy the reading, organize the post cards and make an inventory. When your family members trust you to enjoy their keepsakes it is important to protect them and return them in a timely manner. Some things just take precedence in our schedules. Any great finds in your family collections lately?

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