Tuesday, November 19, 2013

36 Classes, Time for a Break

Last Saturday was my final class of thirty six total for the year and there is now a two month break. There are already ten classes scheduled for next year. That day my presentation was at Portland State University, in the Cramer building. After searching online to figure out the best on-street spots for parking, onward I went with a prayer that there would be one close to the building. There on the street corner was a wonderful spot and I was very grateful to only have a couple of blocks to walk.

As I walked from the treasured on-street parking space, which was free with my handicapped parking card, I enjoyed the crisp fall air. There were many people headed to the outdoor market in the park blocks of southwest Portland. This is my hometown and yet I seldom come into town unless it is a special occasion. Parking is almost always a concern. When I got to the actual park block it quickly became apparent that the sidewalk was covered in mud. Pushing onward with my rolling lap top bag I managed to walk this block and not end up covered in mud.

As I approached the building the first door I tried was locked, as was the second, but sitting just inside this door was a very friendly young woman student chatting on her cell phone. She graciously opened the door for me and explained that there was an elevator just inside the next door. After some exploring I found the Finnish room where the Scandinavian group was meeting. Being a bit early it was time to sit down and catch my breath. After a bit I wondered how much of a trail of mud had been left in my path. Gratefully there appeared to be none.

This class was attended by about forty people in a rather long classroom. My first item of business was to explain that I do not always hear people well and that they might need to relay their questions. The topic of this presentation was Researching on FamilySearch.org. Our hour went to ninety minutes of discussing the familysearch.org website.  This was the eighth time for this topic for this year. With the amount of changes that occurred on this website in this past year each class required an update. Eighteen of my nineteen presentations were taught from one to three times this year. Eighteen of the presentations were for the local Community School.

So, now it is time for a break. With the holidays we have busy family plans. It will be interesting for me not having my mother to share these events with. Our children and grandchildren will help to fill that gap. Teaching classes this past five months was challenging, but it did help me to move forward with life changes. Writing is another soothing source for focusing on the transitions of our lives. May we all enjoy the precious moments we spend with others in our daily lives. To those who attend my classes and offer support, I very much appreciate your kind words. There are so many blessings and things to be grateful for. Serendipity moments sometimes come from the small miracles that happen in our lives, like finding a needed parking spot.

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