Monday, March 10, 2014 and Adapting to Change

This week during a break from tending our granddaughters there were a few minutes to work on some research at In doing so on Thursday, March 6, an odd thing happened. For the first search in my typical fashion using the "Old Search," which was my favorite, the results seemed very much as those of the past. Then when going back to change some of the criteria of the search there appeared suddenly an entirely different type of search results. Although we had been forewarned that the "Old Search" function would disappear, nothing mentally prepared me for encountering the new functions randomly in my every day work.

The "Primary Search" yields are similar to what previously was labeled as the "New Search", while the now "Advanced Search" yields a list of categories similar to the "Old Search." The main thing that is missing from the "Old Search" is having the categories highlighted after one has accessed the records within them. That little tool helps the researcher to know which categories have already been reviewed. It also feels like there fewer returns for the search results in the categories. This will take some getting used to and adapting to the changes. The best part about the change is that now all researchers will have a better chance of using this system as it is no longer hidden under the "Old Search" tab, which was very hard to find before.

The other new feature this week, the sliders, are showing up in my work, but they seem more of a distraction than a help. Maybe, as experience is developed, these features will draw me into using them. Being a subscriber of since it became an online research website has offered me years of experience in how to work best and receive wonderful results. As they continue to develop these new search tools, the genealogy community will surely adapt to the changes. In first encountering the change there was a desperate impulse to somehow get back to the "Old Search." As that dissipated and in realizing that the new search tools are set in place for the future, one realizes how much we have come to depend on this wonderful website.

Just now checking on my three-year-old granddaughter, who is fast asleep, reminds me of the blessings of being a grandparent. She is so angelic and precious, as are our other four grandchildren, her sister and her three boy cousins. Oh, if only some of them will develop a keen interest in doing family history research. Our oldest granddaughter is already requesting some of the family artifacts at age six. The key to preserving the family history first will go to those of our children who will be willing to maintain what has already been discovered and recorded for them to share. These young grandchildren already far surpass us in using the technology tools of today, while we balk at having to learn new skills. They will lead us down the road of preserving the genealogy of our ancestors and will appreciate our efforts in learning to adapt to the changes.

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