Monday, July 21, 2014

Turning Sixty - Let's Celebrate

Turning sixty is a monumental event. One reward is the eligibility to receive the senior discount. Yes, some places do start this reward before and a few after, but overall this is the age of getting a price break for enduring to the end. Several of my friends are also achieving this landmark birthdate this year as well. We join together in honoring and sometimes consoling each other on our life's journey.

Grandchildren are the best reward for senior citizens. While it takes all of our energy just to keep up with them, they challenge us to do things we had long forgotten how. We play games, read books, play with play dough, make some-mores, and shop until we drop. They in the meantime are wondering why in the world we can't keep up. It is great that they respect the need for rest stops and an afternoon nap or two.

For my bucket list there are few items besides traveling to see ancestral homelands. Finding someone to accompany us may be the biggest challenge. We write up our family stories in hopes that someone will want to read them when we are gone. Then there are the hundreds of pictures that need to be sorted and organized so the family will not toss them aside. Knowing who is in the pictures can also be dwindling memories that should be captured before they are totally forgotten. At least some of the children and grandchildren are appearing to show some interest in these amazing collections.

The stuff collected in sixty years can be overwhelming. Now my parents, grandparents and a few aunts and uncles have passed on family keepsakes that only are identified in my memory. The time is now to get those memories recorded so others will understand why the items have been hoarded for so many years. Then there are the decisions to make in whom to leave them to so the cycle of treasure collecting can be extended to future generations.

Turning sixty is exciting, fun and a very special time. It is the time between raising a family and letting a family assist in caring for you. Those days too will come, sooner than we can imagine. Now is the time to capture what energy there is left to truly produce a quality family history including artifacts, documents, pictures, etc. We only go down this road once and it is very important to enjoy the journey. On the road we all experience challenges, especially medical, but we can find joy along the way.

So to all of you, who might be turning sixty along with me, let's celebrate this awesome event like only young senior citizens can. Whoop it up with family, friends and associates in passing on to one of the best parts of our lives. Bring on the sixty candles and some good ice cream. We don't really need presents, but time is the best gift of all. Giving to others is another way to celebrate, so pass it forward in the year ahead. Happy 60th Birthday to all my fellow celebrants this year!

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