Thursday, September 11, 2014

Genealogy Reading Update

Five months ago my post on Genealogy Reading listed a collection of magazines and other publications that were waiting to be read. There were one hundred overall and today there are twenty-one publications left to read. The feeling of almost completing this task is wonderful.

Then after lunch today my friend handed me a box of twenty-six more publications. Four were easily eliminated as they are duplicates to what is in my collection. At lunch we talked about my reaching that goal of reading and eliminating some of the collection already in my home. She must have smiled inside as she knew what was awaiting me.

From a few of the publications there were stories that were worth keeping, and so they were scanned and added to my collection of digital files. These may be used in preparing presentations or just to refresh my memory of some great genealogical information. The collection of publications remaining in my office is very small. The nice part is that they are listed in an excel file, so checking what there is requires very little time.

The new additions are:
APG Quarterly - 1 issue
Archival Products - 1 catalog
Bulletin, Genealogical Forum of Oregon - 1 issue
Everton's Genealogical Helper -1 bi-monthly issue
Family Tree Magazine - 1 monthly issue
Genealogical Journal UGA - 1 quarterly issue
Heritage Quest - 3 bi-monthly issues
National Genealogical Society Quarterly - 5 issues
New England Ancestors Quarterly - 1 issue
NGS News Magazine - 3 bi-monthly issues
OnBoard BCG - 2 issues
Oregon Historical Quarterly - 2 issues

Now, there is no reading the new publications until the old set is completed. On the coming cold and dark fall evenings, my attention will turn to reading and gleaning from the writings or our fellow genealogists. There is so much to be learned from the writings of others. Someday when these are finished it will be time to turn to my collection of books.

May you find some good reading material to read over the fall and winter months. Take time to savor the wisdom of others who have experience to share. Writers are unique people, who are willing to put their thoughts in print. There are always new and interesting materials being made available. Find some today. Maybe even start your Birthday, Christmas, etc. wish lists. And always be on the look-out for used books and freebies being offered by local groups and societies. A serendipity moment may even be found in the next publication that you choose to read.

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