Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Ends and 2015 Begins

This has been an incredible year for our family. It started out right with attending the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, which I am repeating this year. Most of my mother's estate has been taken care of except for the sale of her home and some cemetery issues. My genealogy work continues to evolve and there was some work for other people. There were twenty four classes taught, for a total of 167classes taught in twelve years or 83 in the last three years. For this blog there were 277 posts written and this makes 278. For the last few months my posts have been less frequent and over the holidays there was some down time from computer work altogether.

In the past week it was interesting that there were a phenomenal number of page views and in exploring why it appears that some very undesirable websites found something they wanted to share with their viewers. Thankfully that has slowed down, but if it happens to you do not click on their URL or links as they will take you to things that you do not wish to see. My only hope is that someone of their viewers might become interested in genealogy and have a change of lifestyle. Of course there may be people out there who would like to happen upon such things, but do be careful. Reviewing the traffic sources has always been a part of my annual blog anniversary, but this caused me to review them more regularly. It surprises me that google would allow such websites to be established under BlogSpot.

The two posts that drew the most attention were, Cleaning Up Your Genealogy Files with 86 views, and GopherGenealogy Two Year Blogiversary with 266 views, for this week. This may have been precipitated by a mis-spelled word in the previous post for the first one. Writing blog posts to share publicly runs the risk of anyone being able to view them, but that has been the purpose of writing in the first place. In the coming year my hope is to post more often and to be more aware of words that might pose an interest to other focus groups on the internet.

It appears that others can't see the traffic sources and they seem to be fading from these particular websites. Others who have this type of problem indicate that is the natural flow of things. So, for now this blog will remain open to the public, one and all. A complaint was filed with Google and maybe they have a way of addressing the issue.

Overall my experience using Google and BlogSpot has been very positive. After posting, the post is saved to my computer and a printed copy is made to add to my annual collections. After four years and more of writing it almost is enough to compile a book or books for individual families. Some of the posts may eventually be posted at If you would like to share something from this blog the only thing that I ask is to have proper credit given and the source of the article or post printed on the copies.

May you all have a wonderful and happy New Year 2015. For those going to SLIG in ten days please try to connect with me. Comments and suggestions about blog posts are always appreciated.

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  1. Susan, I like how you have reviewed your year. I really should do that as well. Happy New Year. Have a profitable and fun time at SLIG.