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Watts Books at the Watts House with Signatures of Family Members

Watts Books at the Watts House with Signatures of Family Members

Acres if Diamonds by Russell Herman Cornwell, John D. Moore & Co., published 1901, Philadelphia, singed in fire, J. G. Watts.

American Cookery, The Boston Cooking School Magazine, April 1934, Property of Mrs. Watts, Gardening Section.

Baxter’s Practicle Up to Date Receipt Book for Bakers, 1896/1922, signed by author, Mary A. Ewing.

Call Julii Caesaris – Commentarii by George Stuart AM, Eldredge & Brother, Philadelphia, 1863/1867, J. G. Watts March 1884.

English American Literature by Truman J. Backus, New York, 1881, donated by J. G. Watts, inscribed “a present to Rose by a friend.”

Fortieth Anniversary of the Statehood of Oregon by State of Oregon, W. F. Leek State Printer, Salem, Oregon, to J. G. Watts County Clerk 1898-1900 with picture.

Good Morals and Gentle Manneers by Alex M. Gaw AM, American Book Co., New York, 1873, Mrs. J. G. Watts.

History of the Great War Vol. 1-8, New York, 1916, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Collier, June 24, 1941.

McGuffey’s High School Reader by Van Atnwarp, Bragg & Co., New York, 1889 to Mr. J. G. Watts when County Superintendent of Schools, 1891

New Normal Mental Arithmetic by Edward Brooks, Sower Potts & Co., Philadelphia, 1873, James G. Watts December 9, 1880.

Old Fashioned Roses by James Whitcomb Riley, Bobs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, 1912, Mary A. Ewing 1940.

Oregon Native Son Historical Magazine, Native Son Publishing Co., October 1900, singed in fire, J. G. Watts.

The Harvard Classics, New York, 1909-1914, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Collier June 24, 1941.

The Library of Universal Literature by Frank Crosby, New York, 1900, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Collier, June 24, 1941.

The Life and Works of Washington Irving Vols. 1-2, by Pollard & Moss, New York, 1893, donated 1955 by H. E. Burns father of Archie Burns, who was a grandson of Wm. Watts, Scappoose, Oregon.

The Orthoepist by Alfred Ayres, D. Appleton & Co. New York, 1880/1888, J. G. Watts.

The Shakesperein Reader by John W. S. Hows, New York, 1881, signature and notes by J. G. Watts, PHS 1887.

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