Sunday, March 17, 2019

Susie Watts Almond Collection At the Watts House in Scappoose, Oregon

On Friday my husband and I delivered the seven notebooks, containing the Susie Watts Almond collection to the Watt's house. The Columbia County Museum Association volunteers scanned the entire collection. They even provided a copy on a flash drive so now I have a copy on my computer. I will also send one to Andrea. It is absolutely amazing what is contained in these notebooks. There is one other notebook that I already left at the house and we hope to scan it also. This project is a miracle that happened because we connected and shared information. She thoughtfully sent me the collection of loose papers as a birthday present in August of 2018. It is an odd thing for a present and it required significant time to make it workable. It is not perfectly organized but it is usable, with page numbers added by the CCMA group. They are an amazing group of volunteers who are dedicated to preserving the history of this county. It is an honor and privilege to work with them.

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