Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Covid19 Virus Side Effects

Well nothing like a fall in the night to up the experience of living during the Covid19 Virus. My ears are plugged and there is no chance of seeing my Ear Doctor until things settle down, who knows when. I felt sorry for the ER doctor, when we spoke on the phone, who had no answers in what to do other than do not show up at the ER. Now I have a lovely lump on my head, the darkest black eye you have ever seen, a little toe that has a gash but is still connected to my foot. I am grateful for the ice bag and pain pills I have in stock and more just ordered. The best thing was having my husband awakened to the sound of a small earthquake and coming to my rescue. With the help of my walker I pulled myself up off the ground. The day has been a blur of mostly restful sleep and a resettling of my bones, muscles and whatever else was shook up. Then my doctor called to review the unbelievable experience which lasted all of a couple of minutes. This is my fourth major fall over many years. Glad to be staying at home where only my grandchildren who talk with me online can see how really awful I look. No earthquake, just loss of balance, which is why I use a cane and a walker.

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