Monday, September 18, 2017

The Watts House Collections - Compiled Family Histories

These family histories were written by family members and others who wanted to preserve the stories of the Watts family. Three of them were written in 1976 as part of the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the United States. Van Watts, while not a descendant, contributed greatly to the story and promoted the family during this time period.

The Watts Family in Oregon, 1852-1934 by James Grant Watts (1940)

History of Scappoose by James Loring Watts, son of James Grant Watts, (1976) Printed by SHS

Genealogy of the Covered Wagon Wattses by Maude Watts Collier, half-sister of James Grant Watts,

Watts by Maude Watts Collier (1934) Loose papers clipped together

"Covered Wagon Watts" by Alice Mary Watts, cousin of James Grant Watts

My Columbia County Relatives by Ida Strong Seggel, aunt of James Grant Watts (1976)

"Foghorn" Diary by Dr. John William Watts, uncle of James Grant Watts

Ben Watts Trail Log by Benjamin Marion Watts, uncle of James Grant Watts (1948-1949) 2 copies

Watts Family Encyclopedia by Van Watts (1976)

Footsteps of Watts Women by Susie Lolita Watts Almond, daughter of Robert Deady Watts and granddaughter of Francis Harrison Tyler Watts (1974)

Francis Harrison Tyler Watts family booklet

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