Saturday, November 12, 2011

Legacy Webinars and NEHGS Survey for Newsletters

We are so fortunate to have groups that provide online information and support for genealogists. This week I benefited from two very interesting learning opportunities. First, through Legacy Family Tree, Marian Pierre-Louis presented "Cracking the Case of Nathan Brown's Parents." It was fascinating to listen to Marian as she walked through the steps of researching and evaluating the ancestors of Geoff Rasmussen, the moderator of the webinar. The surprise at the end was wonderful, as he learns he is indirectly related to William Penn. The next day I found myself doing very similar research and seeing firsthand how well the process works. Since this presentation there have been two more webinars and seven more are planned. During the wintry weather ahead be sure to take advantage of these free learning opportunities.

One thing that Geoff does that provides interesting food for thought, is he asks questions of the audience prior to the presentation. For this one he asked first who has a brickwall in their research. Amazingly 100% of the listeners had one. Then he asked how many had found they were researching or connected to the wrong person, which is what Marian proved for Geoff. This time the results were 50/50. The final question was who had used direct and indirect evidence to resolve a genealogy problem. The results were 75% yes and 25% no. These results indicate that most of us are on the right track and we all have challenges.

The second learning opportunity was from the NEHGS newsletter, The Weekly Genealogist, Vol. 14, No. 45, November 9, 2011, Edited by Lynn Betlock, Jean Powers, and Valerie Beaudrault. They include a survey with every issue and this time they were asking how many newsletters readers were subscribed. I put down 10+ without really checking. The results were:
1-2 40%
3-5 46%
6-10 11%
10+ 2%

What group would you be in? I was surprised that only 2% of the viewers would be in my category. Then I thought some more about the newsletters I subscribe to and created a list.  While it may seem like a lot of reading, sometimes I just browse what they contain. Sometimes though, I have another learning opportunity. Here is my list, they vary in the types of news they share, some come daily, others weekly or monthly; some are actually blogs and email groups. These are probably not all, but it is what I gathered from my email records. Just google them and you will make a connection.

Top Six
Eastman’s Online Newsletter - Dick Eastman
Ancestry Insider
Familysearch Research Help Newsletter Blog
World Vital Records Bulletin Monthly Newsletter
ICAPGen Newsletter

Newsletters and News Updates:
Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Genealogy Gems Newsletter
Ancestor Stuff Newsletter
Dear Myrtle Updates
Family Heirlooms Arts Newsletter
Gene Tree Newsletter
Genealogical Forum of Oregon - Connie Lenzen Genforum Newsletter
Geneamusings - Randy Seaver's Blog
Geneanet - The Weekly Genealogy News Newsletter - K. Spaulding
Genealogy Newslines - Leland Meitzler
Genealogy Tip of the Day - Michael John Neill
Global Genealogy ENews
Illinois Trails Updates
Internet Genealogy Newsletter
Illinois State Genealogy Society Blog
Legacy News - Legacy Family Tree
Names in Stone - ICAPGen
Nordic Events Portland, Oregon
Rootsmagic News
Susan's Genealogy Newsletter - Susan Bankhead's Blog
The Genealogy Newsletter
The Wandering Genealogist - John Gasson
The Wandering Genealogist - Michael Hait
The Weekly Genealogist
USGenweb Archives Newsletter
Weekly Genealogy Digest

Email Links and Lists:
Acadian/French Canadian Group
APGMembers list
Feedblitz - Cindislist and Ancestral Insider
Genealib. list
Genealogical Forum of Oregon - Orforum list
Transitional Genealogists list

Do you have some you would like to add to the list?

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