Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RootsTech, PMC and FamilySearch Orders

For those currently working in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, you might want to press forward in your efforts as the cost of ordering microfilm and microfiche from the local Family History Center is increasing. When I go to the FHL I like to keep a count of how many microfilm and microfiche I use and calculate the money I saved in the process. This figure usually covers the expenses of my trip. With the increased prices it makes the trip to SLC to do research even more economical. The increase in costs to provide the service is understandable. Posted at the end of the blog are the upcoming changes.

From the sounds of those in SLC using the FHL, this is a very hectic week there. It pays to plan your research trips during their slower times. This is true of any research facility. The staff usually can help you to identify when these times might be. It is like going to Disneyland in the off- season. The flights are usually cheaper and the hotels often offer off-season rates, not to mention genealogy specials. The lucky ones at the conference are those who win the free weeks stay at one of those hotels.

Another new feature of the RootsTech conference is the live broadcasting of several presentations over the three-day schedule. There are fourteen planned broadcast sessions, five on Thursday and Friday and four on Saturday. My alarm is set for 7am for the next three days, as we are on PST. My family has been informed that I will be attending an Internet conference for the next three days and will be occupied in my office. This is a serendipity moment for me, as I am unable to attend the conference this year. Some of the speakers are familiar to me, and others I can become acquainted with as I listen to their presentations. We all need to send our messages of appreciation, especially to the presenters. I hope the APG will also post some of their presentations for the Professional Management Conference. These are some of the wonderful perks of being a member of this fine association.

Then there are the bloggers, who keep us updated on the events of the conferences. They will share pictures, funny antidotes, and updates on news releases as they occur. The world is at our computer; all we need to do is take advantage of what is being offered to us. With over 3,000 registered for the conference, the online presence will certainly further grow this number. If you are serious about family history and genealogy these are certainly priorities in the educational opportunities made available to us. Hope you can find some time to enjoy some serendipity moments as a part of this conference.

Price Increases for FamilySearch Orders:
Due to the increase in the price of raw microfilm stock and the decreasing availability of this product on the market, and higher costs to ship microfilm, it has become necessary for FamilySearch to increase the price of film loans in family history centers. As of 15 February 2012 the following prices will be in effect for film loans in the United States and Canada:

- Short-term film loan $7.50
- Short-term film loan extension $7.50
- Extended film loan $18.75
- Microfiche loan $4.75

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