Monday, September 18, 2017

The Watts House Collections - Old Ledger Books Behind Counter

Watts House Collections - Old Books Behind Counter
May 25, 2017

This week we worked on cleaning out the counter in the store and found some great treasures. Dorothy and Karen assisted in this task. The books include:

1. Abstract of Warrants 1 – Town of Scappoose, Oregon, large ledger book, 1920- , expense accounting

2. Claim Register 1 – Town of Scappoose, Oregon, large ledger book, July 22, 1920 to April 4, 1921, 1923, Council Meeting, Claim Collections

3. Treasurer’s Cash Book 1 – Town of Scappoose, Oregon, large ledger book, 1921-1945, some water accounts, extra sheets July 1945- June 1947

4. Scappoose Garden Club 1928 Incorporation, Rose E. Watts note 3 Apr 1952
Pres. Asa Holaday
Vice Pres. Mrs. J. G. Watts
Sec/Trea. Mrs. George Frakes
Directors C. H. Keyes and Chas. Gerlach

5. Scappoose Garden Club 22 Apr. 1938-1942, Rose Watts Vice Pres., Library Rose Watts, Legislature Pearl Becker

6. Garden Club Small Ledger Book from 1956 to 1972, 144 pages, 17 pages of notes, lots of lists of names

7. Grange Organization meeting Jan. 18, 1936, mentions other local granges, Pearl Becker – 1941

8. City Ledger Book, General Accounts 1943-1944: General, Water, Road, State Tax Street Fund,
1946 Water Payments
Licenses, Fines, Taxes, Liquors, State Tax Street Fund, Misc.
Library Expenses, Auditing, Real Estate, Care of Prisoners, Salaries, Fire, Tree, S.I.A. Commissioner, Recorder – Salary/Supplies, Attorney Salary, Treasurer Salary, Rent, Library, Emergency, Bone Premiums, Lease, Telephone, Total Budget, Total Spent, Balance

9. City of Scappoose tall ledger book, 1942-1943, Water Collection 1939 – 1941, City of Scappoose
C. M. Dorris
Mary Ewing
Mrs. Daisy Hazen
J. G. Watts
James L. Watts

10. Small Ledger Book, probably of J. G. Watts, Level Book 3, Cash Book

11. Scappoose Cook Book, 1909, The Oregon Mist, St. Helens, 60 pages. A Book of Recipes by Columbia County Ladies

12. Scappoose Cook Book 1924, 95 pages.  A Book of Tested Recipes Collected by The Ladies’ Aid of Scappoose, Oregon

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