Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Converting Audio Tapes to CDs Part 2

Finished listening to the CDs of my converted audio tapes. Still have to work on making them more clear to hear or at least louder. Of the last four two are of my grandmother and her cousin in the 1970s and the last two are from a family reunion in March 1986 of the Olsen Family. I took pictures of these events so that will help in understanding who is speaking. What I have learned over the years is that video tapes are far superior if you are recording people and taking pictures from a couple of different cameras provides a little insurance of getting good quality. This certainly clears one of my family history goals and after thirty years I now know what is on each of the CDs. Now to move on to the video tapes, pictures still in packets, redoing the picture albums and then the computer files. The more I try to find pictures the more I want them organized and identified.

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