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Inventory of materials on back wall and other bookshelf in basement February 16, 2018

Inventory of materials on back and other bookshelf February 16, 2018.

Library Club March 25, 1894, YPSCE Report 1895, lists of members.

Scappoose Directories – 1953 2 copies, 1964 2 copies plus 1968 Supplement.

Scappoose Women’s Club 1964-1965.

Ledger 1968-1974 Junior CE (Christian Education).

The Wawbansee Yearbooks Scappoose High School – 1924 copied, 1930, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1943 2 copies, 1944 2copies, 1946 2 copies, 1947, 1952.

Arcade 1932 Scappoose High School, 2 copies.

The Chieftain Yearbooks Scappoose High School – May 7, 1970, April 22, 1974, May 20, 1974.

Norm 1926, Laura Ann Uhlman, Oregon Normal School.

Hi Life EHS 1925, Enterprise, Oregon High School.

City of Scappoose September 1925.

City of Scappoose Drainage District Contract 1926.

City of Scappoose Drainage District Tour 1929.

Columbia County, Oregon Grange History 1901-1965.

Columbia County, Oregon Industrial Sites, 1992.

Columbia County, Oregon Industrial Sites, 1993.

Commercial Development Plan Scappoose, 1963.

Happy 80th Birthday Petersen School, 1908/09 to 1988/1989, Scappoose, April 3, 1989.

History of Scappoose High School, November 22, 1997, by Lillian Jones.

In the Line of Fire – Scappoose Fire Department, Michael A. Brace, 2 copies, 1996.

Scappoose High School Dedication January 21, 1972.

Scappoose High School Hold Harmless Agreement.

Scappoose Indian State Champions 1973.

Thank You Scouts Den 1, Pack 294, November 1999.

100 Years of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, 1911-2011 & Pamphlet November 6, 1949.
Antique Powerland Farm Fair Brooks, Oregon.

Atomic Energy Commission December 31, 1946.

Brownie Scout Program 1950.

Camp Tohickan Season 1916, YMCA.

Celilo Falls Remembering Thunder by Wilma Roberts, 1997.

Columbia Gorge compiled by Michael S. Spranger.

Eskimo Medicine Man by Dr. George Otto, OHS1979.

Fifties Flashblacks by Albert Drake, 1998.

Federal Textbook on Citizenship Book 1 - 1944.

“Forest Trees of the Pacific Slope” by George B. Sudworth, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1900.

Glory Days of Logging by Ralph W. Andrews, 1994.

History and Legends of Mt. St. Helens by Beatrice Buzzeti.

Hot Rod Magazine, October 1958.

How to Make Good Pictures, Eastman Kodak Co., 1943.

Ike the Obstinate Bear by Velma Romine, 1997.

Island Life, Immigrants, Bybee and Howells, Sauvie Island, 1986.

Island Life, Origins, Trapper, Traders and Settlers, Sauvie Island, 1986.

Island Life, Pioneer Homesteading – Sauvie Island, 1989.

Jarvis Washington (D.C.) Album.

Longies and Old Lace by L. D. Pat Cody, 1988.

Molly Watkins and The Secret of South Jetty, Columbia River Maritime Museum, 2005.

National Grange, Portland, Oregon, 1938.

Nicholas Finch on the Trail of Discovery, Columbia River Maritime Museum, 2004.
Oregon Almanac 1915.

Oregon State Grange, McMinnville, Oregon, June 11-14, 1935.

Oregon the Way it Was by Edwin D. Culp, 1981.

Oregon Voters Pamphlet November 5, 1946.

Oregon Votes 1858-1972 by Burton W. Onstine, OHS 1973.

Pages of Time 1939.

Portland, Oregon Telephone Directory, December 1914.

Some Stories of Old Ironsides, 1931.

Shipping on the Multnomah Channel, Scrapbook.

St. Helens, Oregon, Picture Story

Story of the Pilgrims by Hilda Ulham, grade 6, Scappoose.

Street Was Fanin ’51, by Albert Drake, 1998, 2 copies.

The Bridge Tender Notebooks 2 & 3, newsletters 2002-2008.

The Centralia Coal Mine by Paul L. Vandeveer.

The Children’s Institute by Ethel B. Waring Phd., 1928

The History of the Portland District Corps of Engineers, 1871-1969.

The Journal of Samuel Mills, The Story of an 1850s Whaling Vessel, 1999.

The Lord’s Prayer book.

The Nehalem River Valley by Stella Bellingshorn Satern, 2005

The Official Travel Guide of Oregon, 1996.

The Philosophy of Elbert Hubbard, 1930.

The Shriner’s Scrapbook.

This is Logging & Sawmilling by Bert & Margie Webber, 1996 – 2 cards, articles.

Timber by Ralph W. Andrews, 1968.
Trials U.S.S. Menard VeRohle October 3, 1944 Trip.

Try the Big Sky, 1978, American Business Meeting Billings Montana, Women’s Association.

Where a 100, 1,000 Fell by Joseph P. Cullen, 1966.

Pearson’s Magazine – January 1901, April 1901, August 1910.

The Progress Magazine Vol. IX, January, No. IX

St. Nicholas For Young Folks – June 1894, August 1894, October 1894, April 1895, May 1895, June 1895, October 1895, July 1897, August 1897, May 1900, March 1901, November 1903, December 1903, November 1905.

Machinery Catalogues – Brillion Iron Works, Brillion, Wisconsin: Pulverizers, Crushers, Pickers, Rollers.
                                                Adriance – Platt Branch of Moline Plow Co.: Adriance Harvesting Machinery.
                                                McDonald Pitless Branch of Moline of Plow Co., Moline, Illinois: Scales.
                                                Moline Plow Co., Moline, Illinois: Flying Dutchman, Moline Low Down Spreaders
                                                Moline Plow Co., Crescent Farm Wagons.
                                                Moline Plow Co., Genuine T. G. Mandt Wagon.
Moline Plow Co., Monitor Drill Branch, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Monitor Drills & Seeders.

Oregon Native Son and Historical Magazine, October 1900.

“Acres of Diamonds” lecture by Russell H. Conwell, 1901.

World’s Work, January 1926, September 1926, December 1926, March 1927.

Harper’s Monthly Magazine, December 1905.

Medical Talk for the Home, December 1903, No. 3, Vol. V.

The Cosmopolitan, July 1903.

Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly, April 1903.

Baseball Magazine, August 1960.

The Outlook, August 13, 1898, September 10, 1898.

Hampton’s Magazine, February 1911.

Illustrated World, March 1917.

The World Today, August 1903.

National Magazine, October 1903.

The Golden Book, August 1927.

Envelope of Bicentennial Stamps, 1976.

Sheet of Bicentennial Stamps, pins, 1976.

U. S. Constitution 1776-1976.

Bicentennial bike license plate.

Days with Chief Joseph, OHS 1970 (autographed by author)

Architecture Tour Quincy, Illinois, booklet, 1 and 2.

Architecture Tour Galveston, Texas, booklet.

Architecture Tour Tacoma, Washington, booklet.

Bicentennial Graphics Stds. Manual and Guidelines for Usage.

The Liberty Bell brochure, 1976.

U.S.A. 76: The First Two Hundred Years.

Scappoose Certificate of Recognition as a Bicentennial Community.

Bicentennial Calendar, 1976.

Master Register of Bicentennial Projects.

Index of Bicentennial Activities.

Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events, February 1976, June 1976.

Baldwins and Andersons Family History by Marie Anderson Husted.

Graham Letter.

Havlick Papers March 2, 08.

Howell Family Scrapbook.

Otto Peterson Obituary.

Glennie Etta History of William Duncan Cody Family, L. D. Pat Cody, 1994.

Gustav and Otillia Langes Family History.

Robinsky Family History March 1990.

Watts Family History by Maude Elizabeth Collier 1934.

Ben Watts Trail Log 1849, Van Watts Encylopedia.

Ben Watts Trail Log (copy) donated by Van Watts.

Your Genealogy a Practical Guide by Larry D. Schenck, OHS1989.

1880 Census of Columbia County by Barbara Bennett Thompson, 1986.

Columbia County Oregon Mortuary Records Index, by Barbara Bennett Thompson, 1929-1990.

Two small file boxes cards for donations.
One small file missing buttons (missing buttons).

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