Friday, November 16, 2012

Addendum for families not listed on the map.

There were thirty-four others who were not on the map, but were listed in the "Charlestown Immigrant Origins 1630-1640" in the book, From Deference to Defiance, Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1629-1692. They are as follows:

Of Bristol -
James Carey, Draper, 1639
Barnabas Davis, Tallow Chander, 1639
Robert Pennoyer, Turner, 1635
Richard Russell, Draper, 1640
Nicholas Shapleigh, Ship Captain, 1635

Of Dorset -
Anthony Eames, Yeoman, 1634
Ralph, Fuller; Richard, Merchant; and William Sprague, Yeoman; 1629

Of Dunstable -
George Bunker, 1634
George Felt, Mason, 1633
Seth Sweetzer, Shoemaker, 1637 (see below)
Thomas Whittemore, 1639 (see below)

Of Southwark -
William Leonard, 1630
Abraham Pratt, Surgeon, 1636

Of Stepney -
Thomas Beacher, Ship Captain, 1630
Robert Cutter, Blacksmith, 1637
Nicholas Davis, Tailor, 1635
Nicholas Davison, Merchant, 1639
Nathaniel Hadlock, Mariner, 1638
Thomas Hawkins, Shipwright, 1636
George Hepburne, Glover, 1636
John Hodges, Ship Captain, 1633
Phillip Knight, Cooper, 1636; John March, 1638
Richard Palgrave, Physician, 1630
Edward Payne, Ship Captain, 1638
William Runborough 1639
John Trumbull, Ship Captain, 1636

Of Kent -
William Bachelor, Victualler, 1634
Thomas Brigden, Cooper, 1635
Thomas Call, Tilemaker, 1637
Phillip Drinker, Potter, 1635
Thomas Ewer, Tailor, 1635
Matthew Smith, Shoemaker, 1637

Since this section overlooked those from Hertfordshire and Norfolk where the Tidd family was from, information was gathered from the book, Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-1650. There were nine families from Hertfordshire and twelve families from Norfolk who settled in Charlestown.

From Hertfordshire
Thomas Grover of Aldenham Parish
Jeremy and Thomas Gould of Bovingdon Parish
John and Ralph Morley of Cheshunt Parish
Thomas Whittemore of Hitchin Parish (see above)
Robert Lang of St. Albans Parish (possibly Long)
Thomas Welch of Stortford Bishop's Parish
Seth Sweetzer of Tring Parish (see above)
Ezekiel, Samuel and Thomas Richardson of Westmill Parish
Francis and John Wyman of Westmill Parish

From Norfolk
John Crowe of Carleton Rode Parish
Henry Gibbs of Frenze Parish
Henry Smith of Hempenall Parish
Edmond Hobart of Hingham Parish
Thomas Chubbock of Hingham Parish
Ralph Smith of Hingham Parish
Samuel Ayers of Norwich Parish
John Baker of Norwich Parish
John Tead of Norwich Parish
Nicholas Davison of Norwich Parish
Peter Tufts of Wilby Parish
Gardey James of Winfarthing Parish

My closing thought on what turned out to be a very time consuming project is, I am not yet finished. The FHL has micorfilms of the town records, some of which I would like to reread. There are several more books that I would like to glean information from. I am very grateful to Roger Thompson and his diligence in writing books about this area of New England. My next book to read is his Cambridge Cameos. For now I will let this project rest and focus on some other topics, probably of shorter length. If you have read through all four posts and made it to the end I congratulate you. If you have ancestors from this area I think you will enjoy reading From Deference to Defiance, Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1629-1692.

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