Saturday, November 17, 2012

Inquisitive Minds Part III Corrections

After viewing the notes today I discovered that I had overlooked the Long Family in the third post on this work. Working too long on one project can lead to mistakes, but I am pleased to say this is corrected. That is the beauty of writing a blog versus posting on facebook, I can make corrections. Please refer to the original post and look for the Long Family.

Another important note is that I located the book, A Century of Town Life: A History of Charlestown 1775-1887, by James Frothingham Hunnewell, which includes a chapter on “The Village in 1638.” It can be found on and easily located by searching the catalog under the authors' name. It is available online in digital format through cooperation of familysearch and the Allen County Public Library. The map in this book provides more detailed information than the one in the book, From Deference to Defiance, Charlestown, Massachusetts, from 1629-1692.

So you can imagine what I am doing after I finish posting this. Yes, I am going to read all 365 pages, which I now have downloaded to my computer. Big clue, the maps are between pages 108 and 109 of the book and is on 139 and 140 of the digital pages. I printed out both of them, cut and glued them together and now have another wonderful research tool. Using the maps from both books together is helpful. The actual title of the referred article, on page 109 to 111, is "Plans of Charlestown, the Village in 1638." This greatly increases the number of families that were FANs. More work to do!

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