Thursday, November 29, 2012

Talarski Family and Gorczyca Family in Poland

With the email, from the researcher in Poland, my client is again left struggling to find his ancestors who lived in Olsyzmy, Parish of Kadzillo, Lomza Diocese, Ostrokeka, Poland. So, we decided to share the known family from Poland who arrived in the United States, Jozef in 1904 and Marianna and the children in 1906. Since they came before World War I and II, they escaped the wars, but much of the records for them in Poland were destroyed in the ensuing military conflicts and infiltration of the Russian Army.

Jozef Talarski was born about 1869 in Barnowo, Poland, parish of Barnowo and died 11 February 1929 in Elyria, Ohio. He served in the Russian Army as a young man and met his wife during that time. His wife Marianna Gorczyca, born about 1875 in Chojniki village, Parish of Nowa Wies or  Olsymy, Parish of Kadzidlo and died 3 September 1934 in Elyria, Ohio.

Four of their children were born in Olszymy, Parish of Kadzidlo and they are the following:
Franciszka, a daughter, born about 1896, died about 1896 in Olszymy. She is buried at Holy Spirit Cemetery in Olszymy.
Franciszek Mitchell, a son, born 8 August 1898, died 13 April 1977 in Elyria, Ohio. He never married.
Christina Mary, a daughter, born about 1 April 1901, died 13 March 1987 in Amherst, Ohio. She married Michael Paul Ingram 24 January 1921 in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania.
Stanislaw, a son, born 4 July 1904.

The next six children were born after they immigrated.
Walter, a son, born 26 November 1907 in Rossiter, Pennsylvania.
Joseph, a son, born 20 January 1910 in Windber, Pennsylvania.
Marianna, a daughter, born 28 August 1912 in Windber.
Paul, a son, born 31 October 1913 in Windber.
John, a son, born 11 December 1915 in Windber.
Anna Helen, a daughter, born 2 September in Windber.

There is one Talarski family listed in, who are likely relatives that lived in Rupin, Parish of Baranowo, Poland and other towns or villages in that parish.

The client has been relentless in documenting the family in the United States. He worked with two researchers in Poland without any positive results. They researched the records in the Pultusk State Archives and Archives of the Diocese of Lomza, after making telephone contact with the Diocese of Lomza, the Diocese of Plock and the Kadzidlo Parish.

The only records located are a birth record for a Jozef Talarski born in 1874, not a likely match, and possible parents for Marianna, but no birth record for her. The marriage record of Jozef Gorczyca, born 11 February 1889 in Chorzele, lists his parents as Wojciech Gogczyca and Anna Dziegciarz, farmers in Olszyny in the Kadzidlo Parish.

So, this is an appeal to readers of this blog for assistance in this search. All dates and places given originate from passenger lists, census records and other documentation in the United States including the Catholic Churches that provided wonderful records. If you are related or have known these families please post a comment or email me directly. Somewhere out there might just be the clues needed to find the ancestors of the client. Being from Poland the family would never talk about the old country for fear of alienation. It is time to bring the conversation forward and assist the people from these areas of the world who desperately would like to connect with their homelands.

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